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Tough Dog Names for Males and Females

Updated on August 27, 2012

You have a Pitbull or Rottweiler or another tough dog and you want to give him a tough name. Tough dog names males and females are popular. Tough dog names for males are plentiful. Did you know females have a list of tough names for females? If you want people to know that your dog is a tough dog give him a name befitting his attitude.

You could name him after a tough movie star, a hero of the past, a villain or an animal that is tougher than nails. There are plenty to choose from for males. Such as Ripper, Slasher, Killer, Macho, Brutis, Kahn, Apache, Klingon to name just a few. These names will work with any large dog breed.

Females tend to have softer names because of our desire to think of females as soft, tender, and motherly. Some of them are, but many are just as tough and strong willed as any male dog. They should have a name that fits their strong will and take charge attitude.

Here are some tough dog male and female names that you can choose from.

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Tough Dog Names for Males

  • Wolverine - If you are a Marvel fan you must know that the toughest and meanest of all the characters is Wolverine. There is nothing that is going to stand in his way. Much like the true life wolverine that will drive a pack of wolves away from their kill. He's even so brash to drive grizzlies from theirs.

  • Vader - If you are a Star Wars fan you can't help but notice Vader was one awesome villain. He was smart, tough and had a strong presence. Vader is one of the top villain in history.
  • Dog Father - From the God Father. This was a great movie.
  • Mr. T - If you want tough and I mean tough this name will express that. Mr. T is the toughest guy in Hollywood in the spotlight or off.

These are just a few of the male dog names you can choose from.

Tough Dog Names Female

  • Amazon - Taken from the warrior women whose name has lasted down through the ages. They were tough and worthy warriors for any men.
  • Xena - Who can forget Zena, Warrior Princess and her change from evil to good. She was tougher, stronger and smarter than many that trod the path of the warrior.
  • Artemis - She was a Goddess of the hunt. She was wild and free and was the protector of the forest.

There are just a few but there are more if you are interested.

Killer Queen, Nightmare, Banshee, Wicked Girl and there are more. For tough female names you've got to do some more searching or you could come up with something unique. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to: ("" (, or,,, or


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