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Toxic to Dogs Food List

Updated on March 10, 2012

Every dog owner would want to give the pet the healthiest diet. As such, the commercial pet foods that are already hyped to be nutritionally complete will still be supplemented with human foods that the owner thinks would be good for the pet. Dog owners were alarmed when unsafe and tainted commercial pet foods have caused hundreds of dogs to die. Giving the pet home cooked meals is now becoming a trend. Hundreds of years ago dogs have survived on the foods that are eaten by the human family. However, it was proven that some foods safe for humans can pose hazards to dogs. Below is a partial toxic to dogs food list that is hoped to make owners aware of the human foods that must not be given to the pet.

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Unsafe beverages

Coffee and tea must not be given to the pet because of the caffeine content that has the effect of stimulating the dog’s cardiac and central nervous systems. Dogs that have ingested coffee and tea or coffee grounds and tea bags would vomit. The caffeine would cause restlessness. Because of heart palpitation, the dog can die in a matter of hours. Alcoholic beverages must not be given to the dog either as the intoxication can lead to coma and death.

Chocolates and sugar-free candies

Chocolates can be fatal to dogs because it contains Theobromine, a naturally occurring cardiac stimulant that causes seizures, coma and death in dogs. Xylitol is an artificial sweetener used in gums and candies. Dogs must be prevented from eating these sugar-free foods as the xylitol they contain have been found highly toxic to dogs because even a small amount would cause the blood sugar to drop drastically. Internal hemorrhaging and liver failure can lead to the death of the dog.

Forbidden Fruits and veggies

Most dog owners know that grapes (and raisins) and avocados are toxic to dogs. An unknown substance in grapes can severely damage the kidneys. Avocado is another poisonous fruit. The fruit, leaves, bark and pit cause the accumulation of fluid in the dog’s chest, abdomen and heart thereby causing breathing difficulties. Cherries cause rapid heart rate and inflammation of the mouth. The dog must be prevented from ingesting pits of apple, peach, pear and plum because of the cyanide content that is extremely dangerous to dogs. Onions and garlic causes the dog’s red blood cells to burst and regular ingestion would result to hemolytic anemia. Tomatoes and potatoes especially the green parts contain oxalates than can have serious effects on the dog’s nervous, urinary and digestive systems. The toxin in mushrooms causes liver and kidney damage.

This toxic to dogs food list is not complete but it is hoped to give dog owners an idea on the human foods that are unsafe for the pet.

Dangerous Food for Dogs

Toxic Foods for Dogs


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    • hecate-horus profile image


      6 years ago from Rowland Woods

      I didn't know grapes and avocados are toxic. Wow, thanks for the info!

    • profile image

      dog rules 

      6 years ago

      Unfortunately one of my dogs ingested Advil...she lived but oh how horrible for her. She faced liver and kidney damage, puked blood, pooed blood oh what a sick dog. Terrible lesson to keep all medicines off the counter. She is a big dog and very noisy. I am grateful for a wonderful vet who helped me safe my beautiful Rottie.


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