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Toy Rat Doxie Hybrid Dogs (Toy Ratshund Terrier)

Updated on July 14, 2011

Physical Description

The Toy Rat Doxie is one of the hybrid breeds that has become increasingly popular in the last ten years. This canine hybrid is a cross between an American Rat Terrier and a Dachshund, resulting in a long bodied, longer muzzled terrier type dog. They can be a variety of colors ranging from solid browns, blacks and even tans through to black and tan, tri-colors, parti-colors and even brindles and merles. Typically there is a fair amount of white on the body as is common with the American Rat Terrier. The tail is long, thick at the base and tapered to the end.

The Toy Rat Doxie, also known as the Toy Ratshund Terrier, tends to have less back problems than the very long Dachshund, but they do have a definitely elongated rectangular body profile. The legs are moderately long and well set to the outside of the body and these dogs are both fast and agile in their movements. The head tends to be very similar to both parent breeds with a long slightly tapered muzzle, well set, round eyes and large, triangular ears that either carried pricked and slightly to the side or turned over about halfway down the ear.  


A true clown and fun loving companion, this hybrid dog is a great family pet and traveling dog. They are not hyperactive but are definitely a bundle of energy, especially when they are younger. The Toy Rat Doxie has a great sense of smell and they will scent track often without any training.

The Toy Ratshund Terrier may have a tendency to be rather challenging to housetrain, simply because they are small as puppies. In addition they have a natural independent and inquisitive streak that means that training sessions often have to be short and very interesting as they are easily distracted. As with of the terrier dog types they can be moderately to highly dog aggressive and need to be socialized early to prevent this problem. When raised with other dogs, cats and children they tend to adjust very well, however they will often chase non-family cats regardless of training.

Grooming And General Care

The short, finer coat of the Toy Rat Doxie is very easy to groom, just brush with small sized stiff bristle brush or a grooming mitt. They do shed a moderate amount year round but regular grooming will eliminate most hair problems around the house. They also have very fast growing toenails that need to be routinely trimmed to prevent irritation to the feet.

Most Toy Rat Doxies are very healthy dogs, however they may have a tendency to develop diabetes and gain weight if they are not regularly exercised. With proper diet and lots of play time and walks these dogs will have a long life of up to 15 years.

Clubs and Registries:

  • ACHC
  • DRA
  • ICA
  • UABR
  • APRI
  • CKC

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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      A very cute dog. Thank you for your comprehensive hub.