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Train A Dog

Updated on May 5, 2011

Train A Dog

Dear Reader

Thank you for reaching my site.

Currently I am in the process of writing a manual about training a dog to make it a perfect family friendly pet.

Before and after I became a dog owner I had to go through a lot of stages from research, buying, training through to looking after the dog.

I did not get much practical help. So I thought a manual about the dog will be an ideal service to provide to any new owner of a pet dog.

I invite you to send suggestions about what you would like to see in this manual in addition to what is being provided.

Please email me your suggestions to

(If your suggestion is adopted your name will be included in the book as contributor, with your permission only of course.)

Your Email:


Your Suggestions:

We value your privacy. We promise and assure you we will not give your email address to anyone.

We appreciate your help. With your and other’s tips, this will be the best Dog Training Manual.

With regards

Pravin Vaghani

My ideas of the Dog Training Manual are to include the following:

Introduction – why this book ?

1 How important is it to train a dog.

2 What type and kind of training to be given ?

3 Is training a dog your self more important ?

4 Gadgets available for training a dog.

5 What type of treats the dog will like.

6 Toys for dog

7 Games and tricks to teach a dog.

8 You as a master of your dog.

9 How to make dog family friend.

10 Make dog safe to play with children.

A Necessity for a Manual for

Dog Training

A Man’s Best Friend

A dog is considered ‘a man’s best friend’. But it can be friend only if it is trained properly. An untrained dog can be nuisance and at times unfriendly or an enemy as well. So before you buy a dog you must check all aspects of its being suitable for your temperament and its type and temperament must match with yours. A wrong selection of dog can be a fatal mistake and a reason for divorce as well.

Dog As Companion

The human life is very short. The scientists tell us that the universe is ageless. It has been there for many billions of years and will be there indefinitely. Our life of a few years is smaller than a drop of water in the vast ocean.

But we have to live this life with emotions and feelings and if these  are not cared for properly, the life may become unbearable and may look too long. We need loving companionship to satisfy our emotions and feelings.

For a dog to be a ‘good companion’ it has to be trained properly with great care, love and patience. Training a new dog as a perfect family friendly pet is like breaking a wild horse to let you ride it and obey your commands. In fact it is even more difficult because you want to keep it as a pet in the house.

Trained Properly  

Firstly it has to be trained to obey your commands so that you can control its behavior. It has to observe the house rules and does not do wrong thing at the wrong time at wrong place.

It has to learn to recognize the members of the family and be friendly to all of them.

It has to behave properly when you have guests.

It has to be taught the social behaviors and etiquettes.

You yourself have to learn how to look after its needs and health. A satisfied, well looked after and healthy dog will also be more friendly and docile.

Now, before you expect the dog to be a perfect pet you will have to learn to be a ‘perfect dog owner’.

Be Your Dog’s Guide

Dog can’t read so you will have to read all the available literature and guide books for yourself and on behalf of your dog. You will have to be its Guide.

So start now. Don’t leave to your friends and neighbors to give you imprompteau advices now and then. Those will only confuse you and your dog and make the matters worse. Remember, self-help is the best help.

In addition to training it to be a perfect pet and a family friend you can also teach him a few games and tricks which will now and then entertain you and your guests. Some of the easy ones are offering the paw for shake-hand, rolling on the ground, walking on two legs, etc.

A Smart Dog

Like human beings, same breed of dogs each can have different levels of smartness. If you find that your dog is smart and learns very quickly, you can teach him more advanced games and tricks like jumping over a hurdle, jumping through the hoop, jump and catch a bite on a string, fetching newspaper and putting it in front of you, turning handle to open a door, etc.

Entertaining and Educating Dog

A good entertaining pet dog can be educative to the growing children in the family as the children learn more by observing the behaviors of others.


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    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 6 years ago from Escondido, CA

      Great Hub , , ,and a wonderful idea for a book , , , best wishes with the endeavor . . .just tossing out . . .why not include a section about raising service dogs - seeing eye, mental health, etc. . . .