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Train A German Shepherd Dog to be happy, healthy and well-behaved

Updated on January 27, 2016
Modern Breed Of German Shepherd Dog
Modern Breed Of German Shepherd Dog
Original Breed Of German Shepherd Dog
Original Breed Of German Shepherd Dog

A Little About German Shepherd dog

The German Shepherd Dog is an extremely smart, very active, energetic and a passionately loyal animal, it is ranked as one of the world’s most popular breeds and in America it comes in a close second behind the Labrador Retriever. The German Shepherd without doubt is the most versatile breed of all dog species and one of the most beloved.

As the name indicates it was originally bred and raised in Germany in the late 1800s which makes it a relatively recent breed. It is a medium to large-sized built canine and was initially used as a working dog and a heard dog but with its high Intelligence, awareness and adaptability can be trained to do a wide variety of different jobs from disability assistance example a guide for the visually impaired to search and rescue to military and law enforcement use. This animal has a natural instinct to protect and to serve. With early conditioning and training this dog will make a great pet it fits perfectly in as a member of the family and loves and is well loved by children

The coat colors of the German Shepherd Dog varies in shades with the most desirable attractive, potent and elegant being Black & red, Black & tan, Black & cream, Black & sliver, Solid black and Gray.

A German named Max von Stephanitz who was an ex cavalry officer created the German Shepherd Dog from cross-breeding sheep dogs in the attempt to create a proficient working dog for herding.

The United States of America imported it first German Shepherd Dog in 1906

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Grooming and Training your German Shepherd Dog


Proper grooming will make your German Shepherd Dog a very happy animal and this should be regimented on a weekly basis if the dog is very active regular daily brushing is a top requirement as the GSD loves brushing and cuddling and at least one bath per week remember the fur is double-coated and needs extra special attention to clean. I should note that while bathing your GSD you should avoid water getting into the ears of the dog as it might accumulate and result in infections. Remember never to use harsh soaps, Bathing Gels or shampoos on your dog’s skin as it might be very harmful for its health.

It is also very essential to regularly monitor your German Shepherd Dog’s teeth as they will develop tartar and plaque from food they’ve eaten. Brush to clean and rinse often.

Clipping or trimming your dog’s toenails is also an important part of grooming. Cut or trim them occasionally and check their nails every week to make sure the nails do not grow wildly but be very careful while trimming your dog’s toenails, do not clip too deeply to prevent injury to the dog.

Consideration should also be made for daily physical and mental exercise since the GSD is an extremely active and energetic animal.

Tools that you will need for properly grooming your dog

Shedding Brush
Pet Dryer and Vacuum
Coat Rake
Curry Brush (Rubber)
Curry Comb (Metal)
Wire Brush
Pin & Bristle Brush for Dogs
Pet Shampoo and Conditioner
Nail Clippers (Medium)
Soft Cloth.
Chamois Rag
Dog Ear Cleaner
Dog Toothbrush
Dog Toothpaste


It is imperative to start training your German Shepherd Dog from the puppy stage at least eight weeks of age, correct training and exercise are necessary for a very happy dog and also a very happy owner.

Training your dog to be obedient, well-behaved and to perform tasks comes with patience and consistency yes it can be a bit time consuming but it always garners the very best results. They just need firm, considerate and loving leadership from you.

You do not need to be excessively aggressive with your German Shepherd Dog to properly train it. Your pet just needs to learn that it can trust you.

Training a German Shepherd dog will take real effort and this will vary from dog to dog since no two dogs are the same. They really possess individual personalities so get in touch with you dogs personality.

Knowing and learning how to properly communicate with your dog will by far improve the relationship with you and your dog and in turn improve the training process and the outcome. Get to know your dog's temperament, behavior pattern, reactions and energy levels and you will know how to correctly administer training.

Do not allow your German Shepherd Dogs to have their own way as they can be fairly stubborn; make sure to set the boundaries and limits very early in their training.

Things to remember

  • Start training your dog from the puppy age
  • Socialize your puppy with other dogs.
  • Socialize them with other people
  • Always Be Kind and loving to your dog
  • Be consistent with your training
  • Potty Train your dog early

German Shepherd Training Tips

Check out the links below for in-dept training methods for your German Shepherd Dog.

German Shepherd Facts


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 23 months ago from Home Sweet Home

      german shepherds are used as police dogs here, tracking for drugs