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Training Your Dog in One Evening

Updated on March 31, 2011

One Day Dog Tricks

Their are many things you can train your dog in one evening. Trust me you won't have a fully trained dog in one evening but a better behaved one for sure. Training takes time and just like anything else it takes baby steps to get where you want to be. So training in the evening is perfect because your dog is a little energetic and eager to learn because they haven't seen you all day and they have been sleeping and are more alert.

Teaching Your Dog Sit, and Lay

These may sound like basic commands but if not practiced right can cause you a headache.  Make sure you have alot of treats with you when doing these. 

Holding the treat get your dogs attention and hold the treat about waist high or a little higher depending on the dogs size.  Next bring the the treat up toward your shoulder and tell them to sit most dogs sit then as soon as their butt hits the ground say sit and treat them.  For dogs that don't sit then hold the treat above their head so they have to sit to see it and as again tell them to sit as soon as their butt hits the ground.

Teaching your dog lay is easy you take the treat cup your hand over it on the ground under their head and most dogs lay to see what it is.  If not move the treat with your hand over it between their paws and the dog should go down to check it out.  As soon as they do the command say lay and praise.

Teach your dog to Salute

This one is a easy trick to teach your dog.  Salute all you need to do is place a piece of tape on your dogs head and every time they go to swat it off say salute and give them a treat.  If the tape doesn't work then use something that is irritating to them on their head that they'll paw at.

Teaching your dog not to pull during a walk

This one is easy although many people misunderstand how to do this.  This one will actually be using a tool called the Gentle Leader.  This is a tool that gives you head control or chest control depending on which one you use.  I like the head control this will actually make walking your dog enjoyable and not a constant battle to hold them near you.  This is a easy trick to treat your dog in one evening because by the end of your walk with the gentle leader will have your dog next to you walking properly.

The Tricks Go on and on

Their are many tricks that you can teach your dog but I could go forever but I'll save that for the next article so take a look at these tricks and give them a try.


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