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Training Your Labrador: Tips and Advice for Training Your Lab

Updated on October 19, 2008

Training Labradors is Easier than You Think

Thanks for coming! This Hub is all about helping you Train your Labrador Retriever.

Labrador retrievers are easy to train because they are not only intelligent, but they are incredibly eager to please you. Once you have established yourself as the alpha dog, meaning that you have taught your labrador that you are in control, you have set yourself up for one of the best person-to-dog relationships possible.

Training a labrador is much easier than training many other types of dogs-- since your lab's greatest ambition is to please you, it doesn't take him or her long to understand exactly how to do that as long as you use effective methods of training. And lucky for you, those methods are what I'm planning on searching far and wide for so that I can share them with you.

Labradors are not particularly dominant and they are almost always very gentle, making them perfect for just about any situation, whether it be training for a real job or just a family pet.

So if you have labradors, enjoy labradors, or just like the way labs look, this is the place for you. I will be adding new information, tips, and cool stuff here little by little about training labs, so be sure to check back so you don't miss out. :)

Let me know about your own labs in the comments section below. Training tips and advice is on the way-- Thanks for coming!

P.S. -- My new blog,, has some really cool training tips and videos that you might want to check out if you're serious about wanting to train your labrador.

One of my labradors

This is Abby, my now two-year-old lab/husky mix. She was about three months in this picture-- so cute!
This is Abby, my now two-year-old lab/husky mix. She was about three months in this picture-- so cute!


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    • profile image

      praveen 3 years ago

      My lab is very naughty n she is 1 uear old she will no listen anything. Jumping on kids n she always want to run outside the house n creat new sence in the society. Plz help me how to keep her in control

    • profile image

      dikshita 3 years ago

      My lab is 1 year 3 months old. He jumps on every one possible on the road. Never listens to my commands. Please suggest me to make him obey my commands. He's like marley in marley and me movie.

    • profile image

      sorry private 7 years ago

      i need help! i have a lab. hes just about a little over 2 years old. well i really don't know what to do my parents got him for me by surprise so i wasn't ready.iv had him for more than a year already and he wont listen my parents are already mad... and regret bring him in and want to get rid of him... i only have about 2 months and they wont buy me books or stuff... he chews on him harnesses and leashes so i have no equipment... i could use a belt meanwhile... he is socialized.. he very big and heavy..escapes about twice a month... hes good with people it just basic training i need help with.. please respond ill check this page for the next couple days.. thx :)