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Training your Budgie

Updated on September 6, 2011

I have a little Budgie. His name is Billy. He came from a private breeder and he was only just starting to learn to eat seed. He was only a few weeks old. I took him home in a small cardboard box , each morning i feed him by hand with a tea-spoon and some bird raising formula. Then i would go to work and leave him at home all day in his cage until i got home. By the time i got home he was very hungry and very pleased to see me.I would fed him first thing and then again before putting him to bed at about 9 at night. Within a week or so he was eating more and more seed and i stopped hand feeding him.I always handle him every day , in the morning, and as soon as i get home. I decided to see how i would fear , teaching him tricks. Well it is far easier than i thought it would be.As an example he has a bell in his cage and he will sometimes stand by the bell and give it a rattle. I thought that it would be good to have him rattle the bell on command. So the next time he rang the bell i said loudly "Ring the bell", and at the same time shock my hand in the air like i was ringing a bell. Billy likes noise and attention , and within a few minutes he did it again and so did i .. Then when he looked like he was going to do it again , i yelled, ring the bell and shock my hand. He then rung the bell. At that point i went off. I clapped my hands and danced and yelled Good Boy Billy. All this only took 10- 15 mins to get this far. That was about a week ago that i started and now Billy will ring the bell on command, and he also does another little trick as well.He has a bird toy that has 3 little rings that can flip from one side of a hoop to the other. He will flip on the command of "flip". This also only took about 2 /3 different sessions of about ten Min's each. And i trained him in the same way as the bell. Just waited until he went to use the toy and yelled out flip just before he actually flipped the ring. I had no idea how much a bird can be trained . I have learnt a lot just by watching vids on you-tube. In fact the one that really showed me just how much a bird can learn was a vid on A.J. A.J. is a very well known Indian ring-neck, he can play golf and shoot basket ball, roll over, play dead, the list goes on and on. Some time just go to you tube and look at bird tricks/ bird training. Birds are just lovely little animals and are far more intelligent than most people realise.They are clean and easy to look after and they are not at all expensive to keep. One other thing that i have formed a habit of, is to remove his seed on a Sunday morning around 9 or 10 and put a freshly peeled apple and a piece of leak or some other green veg in the cage. I do not replace his seed until around 5 or 6 o'clock that night. That way he has no other choice but to try the fruit and veg. And this is very good for him. Please if you have a bird give the little thing fruit and veg at least twice a week. And please always change his water every day. You would hate having to drink the same warm dust filled water for the third day in a row. So please think think think , all the time. You should love and care for your pets as if they were your children. They did not write to you asking to live with you. It was your idea. Its fun to love your pet and even more fun when your pet loves you back .Regards Grant. New Zealand


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