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Transport Your Dog Safely With a Dog Box

Updated on March 30, 2016

Safety in a Vehicle with a Dog Box

You would love a beautiful dog box and your dog would like it even more if you added a cozy Aluminum box for him to lay his head on your next trip. Dog boxes come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes to suit individual masters' taste. They can be carried on your truck or trailer. From solid Aluminum diamond plated dog boxes to simple plastic dog enclosures, there are several options to transport your partner. With the use of a dog box your dog will be insulated from the elements, protected in case of an accident and will feel at home in his own secure area. Keep in mind that dogs are denning creatures and areas such as this are similar to what they would be used to in the wild.

Truck dog boxes help your best friend from accidentally falling from trucks, pickups, SUVs or trailers while being transported to and from the field. These units can also be from Solid Aluminum and mounted to the bed of a pick-up truck or chassis and are known for their long-lasting service. They can be easily cleaned. The can also be equipped with drawers to keep your hunting gear or training equipment.

Dog boxes come in different designs such as single, double, top open or side open, etc. These are the safe and humane alternatives to letting dogs ride loose in open pickup beds. During hunting expeditions, long drives in uplands or to remote locations and are an essential piece of equipment. The safe journey of your dogs is very critical to upkeep for their efficiency during any hunting or training adventure.

The alternative material option to metal would be wood or plastic. Plastic dog boxes can be injected molded or rotational molded. There are several options of each on the market. Metallic dog houses are covered by our one-year guarantee. Cross ventilation coupled with the use of a fan is of prime importance, especially during hot summer days and after extended exercise. Double wall insulation is also a must to ward off UV rays. The box floor of the dog carrier should be soft and contain an antibacterial mat. An Aluminum dog box will serve you for many years. The addition of handles or castor wheels can aid in transportation if necessary.

Irrespective of the locations these dog houses are being used, it will be a great addition to a memorable and adventurous hunting expedition. Remember that your dog should be the first in the truck or box and the last thing out of the dog box. I know of several people that have had their dogs seriously injured or even killed because they were not able to keep an eye on them, as they were distracted either by their buddies or concentration on other things.

You're his whole life, keep him Safe!

You're his whole life, keep him Safe!
You're his whole life, keep him Safe!

Energy in a Collision

Tens of Thousands of car accidents are believed to be caused every year by restrained pets, although solid numbers have been established.

It has been estimated that a dog weighing 50 lbs. that is involved in a 35 mph collision, is launched forward with 1500 lbs. of force, and that can not only seriously injure your dog but do serious damage to passengers in the vehicle.

Transporting your Dog in a Crate

Dog Safety in your Vehicle


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