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Travel Dog Water Bottles and Bowls

Updated on March 26, 2011

If you travel with your dog, you know how difficult it can be to find a quality water bottle that isn't inconvenient to tote along with you. I've tried several of the old standbys, and, frankly, some of them just don't work as advertised. Fortunately, these designs have been improved upon in recent years and water bowls and bottles for the traveling dog are now super duper convenient and highly affordable. Have a look!

Lixit Portable Dog Water Bottle

The Lixit Thirsty Dog Portable Water Bottle w/ Bowl is a brilliant improvement on one of the old standbys I mentioned in the intro. It's a water bottle which is attached to the water bowl which is wrapped around it -- the earlier models of this type of bottle weren't shaped with a dogs mouth in mind, but this one is wide enough for dogs to drink from as they normally would. You can drop a few ice cubes into the bottle for easy chilling whilst out hiking, and then simply unplug the top and the bowl will fill automatically without squeezing. You can carry it in your bag or attach it to your waist.

Outward Hound Buddy Bottle

If you like Kyjen Outward Hound products as I do, you will love this! The Outward Hound Buddy Bottle is meant for people and pets. Simply attach it to your waist with the convenient waist pack and that's it. The bottle has a detachable cup at the bottom of the bottle for Fido, and you can either share the cup or drink from the spout which is just like a traditional water bottle. The paw prints on the side of the bottle are adorable!

Road Refresher Portable Water Bowl

The Road Refresher No Spill Portable Pet Bowl is very, very clever. It's designed to be used either at home or while traveling, and if you set it up next to Fido in the back of the car, it won't spill while you drive. The design also prevents dogs dipping their beards or floppy ears into the bowl while drinking, which may make this a bowl you'd rather have at home for regular use, too!

Designer Bottle N Bowl

If you'd like to carry your dog's travel water bowl over your shoulder, the Designer Bottle N Bowl is just what you're looking for. Note that the bottle itself is not included, but they do include a free water bowl for Fido with your purchase. The carry case also has room or storing keys or ID and people can share the water bottle with their pets.

Water Boy Dog Bowl

The Water Boy 3 Quart Portable Water Bowl holds almost 3 liters of water. Obviously, this probably isn't something you'd want to take on a small hike through the woods, but if you're traveling somewhere by car, this would be very convenient to take with you. You simply turn the jug on its side and unplug the blue bowl so it can fill up with water.


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