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Traveling with your Pets

Updated on April 22, 2013

Is your pet accompanying you

If you have a pet in your home he/she becomes a member of the family. Pets are just like child and the thought of leaving them alone is not an good option. If you want to take your pet along with your family members then you have to plan your journey well in advance. A well planned tour would save you from lots of hassle which you might face while traveling with your pet. This hub will help by providing some tips so that you can have a smooth and enjoyable journey with your pet. While it may be tempting to take along your pet but it should be kept in mind that some animals are not at all suited for travel. In this respect it is always important to consult your veterinarian about your travel plan along with your pet.

Products you may need during travel

Air Travel

When it comes to travel by air with your pet every airline has different rules. It would be a real headache if your have to face a situation that airline would cancel your ticket and you would not be allowed to travel with your pet at the last moment. So to avoid this it is always better to contact your airline well in advance and get yourself acquainted with their rules and regulations.

Carrying your pet on board with you is the best option but there are many factors to be looked into.If your pet is large enough then your have to put him in the designated cargo area. There are some important points to be look into:

  • The carrier of your pet should meet the airline standard.
  • Make sure that the cage is large enough for the pet to sit,stand and turn around comfortably.
  • Always try to choose a non-stop flight to your destination to avoid your pet getting lost during transit.
  • 4. Get the fitness certificate from your Vet. at least 10 days prior to your start of journey.
  • Carry the fitness certificate as you may need to show it from time to time.
  • Correctly adhere a tag on the pet carrier with your name address phone no.
  • After you have reached your destination examine your pet carefully and if he shows any sign of illness contact his Vet.
  • Feed your pet 5-6 hours prior to the start of the journey.

Travel by road

Before hitting the road give a your pet a detail check-up from his regular Vet as You can never enjoy your holiday with a sick pet. Some important points to remember:

  • Carry the medical certificate with you.
  • Stick a proper ID tag with your contact details.
  • It is a very common site pets sticking their head out of the window but this should be avoided as your pet can get hurt by flying objects.
  • Never travel with your pet at the back of pickup truck.
  • Stop frequently to provide exercise and potty break and of course you should carry a bag to clean it.
  • When your pet is outside car your pet should be on leash and wearing a collar with your address tag on it.
  • During stop provide your pet with fresh water to wet their whistle.
  • Do not feed your pet with fast food. Give him his regular food and it is always better if you keep it to minimum.
  • Do not leave you pet unattended in your parked car. Extreme cold and hot conditions very bad to your pet.

Insurance for traveling pets

When you have planned to travel with your pets the most important thing is to ensure that your pet is healthy prior to your journey. Unexpected expenses can be a source of worry and if it occurs during travel it would a real headache. Just like human travel policies you can also buy either annual policy or one time pet insurance policy prior to your start of journey.

Statistics tell us that every 6 sec. a pet owner gets a Vet. bill over $1000 .You can get an annual coverage of $20,000 by paying a premium of $8 per month. More than 90 percent of the pet policy holders renew their policies every year.

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