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Treat Your Canine To Their Own Dog Bed

Updated on August 28, 2009

A Dog Bed Is A Canine's Nighttime Retreat

 When shopping for a dog bed, there are hundreds of styles, colors, materials and shapes to choose from! Although many people allow their pets to sleep on the bed with them, others, who have large dogs, would rather have them sleep in a dog bed on the floor. There is certainly nothing wrong with that, but there are a few things to consider when purchasing a dog bed.

Obviously the size of the dog bed is important. If you're buying a bed for a puppy, get one that will be a suitable size for him when he's full grown. If your pet sleeps in a crate at night, a soft bed will make the experience more comfortable for him.

Dogs appreciate a soft bed to sleep on.
Dogs appreciate a soft bed to sleep on.

Plain Or Luxurious, A Dog Bed Is Great For Your Pet!

 A dog bed should be well padded with material that will not compact after repeated use.  As well, the cover or fabric should be a sturdy material that can withstand wear and tear. A puppy will chew just about anything when he's teething.

Round shaped dog beds allow a puppy to nestle in and can remind him of sleeping with siblings or his mom. This can be useful if your pet has trouble sleeping alone when you first bring him home. You may also want to choose one that has a plastic liner and removable cover. This protects the padding from soaking up night time accidents and allows the cover to be cleaned easily.

Dog beds come in many styles and colors.
Dog beds come in many styles and colors.

Match The Size Of Your Dog Bed To Your Dog

While there are many types of dog breeds, there are also many types of beds to choose from.

While a large dog bed is obviously more suited to a big dog such as a German shepherd, Labrador or Great Dane; it can also be used if you have more than one small dog. Dogs that get along well will often sleep close together and would be able to share a large dog bed.

Some dogs are prone to skin allergies or sensitive skin. For this reason there are organic dog beds made from 100% cotton that will not irritate skin conditions.

Designer dog beds add flair to your decor!
Designer dog beds add flair to your decor!

There Is Even An Orthopedic Dog Bed

 An orthopedic dog bed should be considered if your pet is getting older and is plagued with joint pain. Arthritis, for some dogs, can make lying down an unpleasant experience so they would benefit from a comfortable bed to sleep on.

For drafty homes, there are elevated dog beds available that are filled with soft poly fiber to retain body heat. Even if your home is not drafty, you want to consider one of these, or a heated dog bed, for an older or arthritic pet.

There are numerous fancy or designer dog beds available for those that are concerned about their home décor. They come in decorative fabrics and styles so as not to detract from your overall design theme. There are also dog couch beds that look like just another piece of furniture in the room. Just be prepared to spend upwards of a hundred dollars for one of these beds.

Your loyal and loving pet deserves only the best, so reward him with a luxurious dog bed!

How to Make a Stylish Retro Dog Bed For Your Pet

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