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Treating Dog Sore Ear

Updated on June 25, 2009

Treat Those Dog Sore Ears Before They Hurt

When I first noticed my dog Frankie always pawing at his ears, it aroused my suspicion that something must be wrong and irritating him. I was told by several other dog owners in the past that having sore ears was a common problem with dogs and that this was one of the signs. However, this problem is also easily treatable if detected early, and probably why I saved us a lot of pain and suffering by taking note of Frankie's discomfort. True to form, after checking his ears, I could find a slightly foul smelling discharge which looked slightly similar to pus. It was a clear sign that there must have been some sort of inflammation in his ears, so the next step I took was a logical one, which was to head straight to my vet to treat the sore ears.

At our vet, we were told that thanks to our early detection, Frankie would have no issue recovering from it. Like all doctors, our vet proceeded to educate us on dog sore ears. This included some medical terms being thrown to us, some of which I managed to remember till now, such as otitis, which is the fancy medical name for when a dog gets inflammation in its ears thus causing it to hurt, cause balance problems, nerve damage or more depending on how badly infected the dog is. If the dog starts experiencing imbalance, the sore ears cannot even be considered that anymore and it would be something more serious, requiring more urgent and immediate medical treatment.

So what do I use for my dog's sore ear, I asked the vet. Does he require surgery or some form of advanced medical procedure to cure him of it? Can I use some home remedy to help cure his smelly dog ears? The vet actually said that due to it being less severe and at an early stage, all we needed to do was to get hold of an over the counter medicinal liquid that is known to provide relief and cure for the problem. I was relieved to hear that and was prescribed something called Zymox Otic, told to apply it twice a day for the first week and then once per day thereafter.

We were also given some clear instructions on how to clean Frankie's ears and the application of the medicine. Obviously, everything has to be done with clean materials such as sterile cotton swabs, while using gentle care when applying the Zymox Otic on his ears. Cleaning the house of possible infection points was also required, such as doing our best to keep the area dust free, especially a deterrence to dust mites and fleas which are both one of the biggest causes of sore ears in dogs. We also regularly dusted down Frankie's bed and made sure to clean his dog jacket more frequently as well. Our vet did mention that to keep the medicine aside as it will be useful in the future if the problem occurs again. Easily one of the best home treatment for dog sore ears.

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    • profile image

      cedric 3 years ago

      Questions: My dog want eat dog food but loves fast food Help me

    • profile image

      worried owner 5 years ago

      Hi, i have a quick question. my dog has sores on the back of his ears and they do not seem to heal. i have used benedine to try dry them out and scab but the flys

      still attack and they stay red raw. Any advice??

    • profile image

      Greg 5 years ago

      so what if the dog doesn't express pain only when brushed by,,,like when I touch her her by playing with her she yelps,,,what's wrong with my girl?

    • profile image 5 years ago

      Thank you for this information it's been extremely helpful and it worked