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Treatments for dogs affected by arthritis

Updated on February 20, 2013
Dog arthritis treatments
Dog arthritis treatments | Source

There are many treatment options for dogs with arthritis

When it comes to treating canine arthritis dogs and dog owners may consider themselves lucky as there are a variety of treatment plans that may give relief to those stiff, painful joints. Whether you are looking for traditional medications, holistic or natural remedies for you canine friend, there will be some sort of treatment that will suit your dog's lifestyle best.

Traditional Medication Treatments

Traditionally, veterinarians prefer to treat canine arthritis via medications. The use on NSAID's which stands for Non Steroidal Anti- Inflammatory Drugs is very common. These treatments may be very effective however, as with many medications they come with their own array of potential side effects and intolerance. Below are some commonly prescribed medication used for treating arthritis.

  • Rimadyl
  • Previcox
  • Etogesic
  • Deramaxx

An alternative treatment consists of injections of a medication known as Adequan into the dog's muscle. Such medication provides maximum effects after 48 hours and up until 72 hours. The injection stimulates cartilage and fluid joint production. Side effects are minimal when compared to those derived from the use of NSAID'S. Discuss with your vet this option.

Aspirin is often prescribed for dogs with arthriti however, it is not really recommended long term because of its potential side effects after long term use, under a vet's supervision it may be used successfully for relief of arthritis. Refrain from starting your dog on an aspirin regimen without consulting with your vet first.

Diet Treatments

Hill's currently produces a prescription diet called J/D (joint diet). This diet is made specifically for dogs suffering from arthritis. Because this is actually a prescription diet your dog would need to be seen and evaluated by a veterinarian in order to have it prescribed. There are many testimonials of owners that have witnessed great benefits once on this special diet.

Supplement treatments

Glucosamine is a great supplement for dogs affected by arthritis. Also known as Glyco-Flex or Cosequin, these products may be available through a veterinarian or on online stores. Glucosamine derives from the mussel Perna canaliculus (hence, the fishy odor of the tablets) and it helps lubricate the joint allowing the dog to walk with ease once again.

Acupuncture treatment

More and more pet owners and pets are discovering the old art of acupuncture. Dogs seem to respond very well to an acupuncture session, especially when presenting chronic disorders such as arthritis. This form of treatment is surely worth a try if you are looking for alernative treatments.

Home treatments

While there is really no real home treatments there are many little things that can be done to give relief. Owners may invest in ramps to help their dogs climb up in bed or in the car. Soft sleeping areas may help dogs suffering from arthritis wake up less sore ad stiff n the morning. A good exercise regimen will help the dog in the long run. Diet is recommended for obese dogs.

As seen, there are many options out there for dog suffering from arthritis. Finding the best treatment option depends on how severe the arthritis is, the dog's general health, and the dog's response to treatment. Each case may be different. In any case, ultimately an arthritic dog will find a way to enjoy life again while gaining many more happy years to come.


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