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Try this Trendy Handmade Cat Cave Bed for your Kitties

Updated on December 13, 2017
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Cat Beds are Trending

Highly Hygienic and Comfortable
Highly Hygienic and Comfortable

Cat Beds that Make Sense

Cat accessories have always been a product in ‘much demand’ on online marketplaces and with a cat bed that is not only comfy but is built keeping the kitty-psychology in mind; you can just admire what is in your hands.

The egg-shaped cocoon that feels comfortable both in summer and winter is a prized possession for every cat. Built with 100% felted wool obtained in New Zealand, the Cat bed is nothing short of an artistic new dwelling ground for the lucky kitties.

Perfect for indoor pets with allergies, skin issues and/or cleanliness problems, the natural lanolin available on the bed walls diminishes your cat’s itches and lets it smell and stay fresh in a hygienic environment.

With an overall diameter of 19 – inches and the entry hole diameter of 9 – inches, this comfy bed is a perfect place for every cocoon and box loving cat. The bed is also very convenient to move around, and you can place it anywhere you want. Whether it is near the fireplace during winters or in the verandah in summer, your cat will just stay cool and stylish in this comfy cat bed.

As a matter of fact, all cats are fond of enclosed spaces and the Kittycentric cat bed is an ideal stuff for all cats to play and live in perfect amusement. The cat bed is also washable; hence, if you feel it has become dirty, you can wash it simply with any detergent whenever you want.

Built with great New Zealand Merino wool, the cat bed makes enough sense if you really love the cute kitties, the most amusing animals on this man-made planet.


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