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Turkey Bowling!

Updated on January 2, 2014

Note: No turkeys are harmed in this "sport", these are frozen turkeys that are discards and not for human consumption.

Turkey bowling, who knew? I stumbled upon this on YouTube. This is not to be confused with the bowling term "turkey" which means three consecutive strikes. Turkey bowling is taking a frozen turkey (or hen or pseudo-turkey) and throwing it down a lane such as in a grocery store, outdoor ice skating rink, a frozen lake or pond, or even in a parking lot with a slip n' slide to hit bottles of soda, canned goods, paper towels or plastic pins (loaded with sand).

This "sport" is popular among hockey players in the US and Canada and people who just want to have some fun before the football game starts or those not quite ready for the turkey coma. It is also an annual event at a grocery store in Cleveland and is covered by the local news station. Some communities use a turkey bowling event as fundraisers for schools or for food banks, such as the Maryland Food Bank.

The Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl website gives you a list of the items you need and the rules.

In some cases the events have been replaced with plastic turkeys over protests from animal rights groups claiming it is disrespectful to turkeys and others claim it is also disrespectful to the theme of Thanksgiving.


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