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Turmeric Home Remedies for Dogs in Pain

Updated on December 30, 2011

Healing Turmeric

Turmeric powder benefits dogs and people.
Turmeric powder benefits dogs and people. | Source

Turmeric for Dogs

Turmeric spice is also a medicine and it’s becoming very popular as a cure for cancers. Turmeric cultivation is done mostly in India (and Asia), who is the world’s largest seller, grower and user of turmeric. The name is from Latin, meaning “earth-merit.”

There have been myriads of studies done on turmeric, and it’s found to be a good pain reliever to dogs. No turmeric side effects to worry about, even if a large dose is given. The dose for dog pain is 1/8 to ¼ tsp. for every ten pounds of dog weight.

Medicinal Properties of Turmeric

What is turmeric? A member of the ginger family, turmeric is grown chiefly in Asia and India and cultivation goes back thousands of years. The root is the main part used, however tea can be made from the leaves. The bioactive compound in turmeric is called curcumin (nothing about cumin relates here) and it’s what relieves the dog’s pain. Because of this, it’s a great medicine to add to the dog’s food if it suffers from arthritis and other painful maladies.

An animal that’s had a skin injury can be helped by turmeric’s antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. A Portland, Oregon vet advises, “To treat something on the skin, simply mix honey with the turmeric to form a paste and apply it to the abrasion.” Having researched the information for this article, that exact advice for turmeric uses can be found over and over again in many places around the world. Many swear by the home remedy, especially since it’s been studied rigorously by doctors and scientists over the last half-century.

Other industries benefit from curcumin in ground turmeric; it’s an important ingredient in some dyes, cosmetics and medicines for cancer, diabetes, blood thinning and pain.

Medicinal Uses of Turmeric

It’s been well documented that laboratory studies on animals suggest that uses of turmeric (curcumin) have very significant anti-cancer properties. It’s making huge strides in cancer cures because it inhibits growth of tumors, shrinks existing ones and prevents new tumors from developing carcinogenic cancer.

Turmeric healing or curcumin’s medical talents, which are widely reported, have effects on:

  • Blocking inflammation
  • Kills infectious bacteria and microbes
  • It improves the function and health of the heart
  • It’s antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, antimicrobial, antibiotic, antimutagenic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging.
  • It cures stomach ailments
  • It cures swimmer’s ear
  • It kills sinus infections
  • It kills parasites
  • It prevents cataracts
  • It shows great promise as a treatment for multiple sclerosis
  • It heals damage from long-term diabetes and wounds caused by diabetes

Turmeric benefits and side effects: The only real affect it gives when large doses are taken is an elevated body temperature. Not to say there’s a fever, just an elevated temperature. In rare instances, people with sensitive skin may break out with a rash.

Everyone, even dog owners, should speak to someone knowledgeable about medicinal uses of turmeric before hand.

Know of any Other Benefits of Turmeric Powder?

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    • profile image

      Lisa 2 years ago

      So how do u give this to your dog? Do u mix it with dog food, or hide it in meat?

    • profile image

      P Colangelo 5 years ago

      Rusti It sounds like you really loved your dog and took great care of Porsha (great name) Ive felt that same pain a few times and it simply sucks! You must remember the years of love and joy they bring!

    • profile image

      Randy 5 years ago

      My 18 year old dalmation/pointer mix is just now getting authritis and have been giving her 8 bayer 81 per day and it seems to help but i am scared of the side effects of asprin . Since reading up on Turmeric i think this is the best alternative. I myself take Tramadol and have heard that this is also good for dogs i don't feel comfortable giving it to her so am going to try this and hopefully we will have her for at least the next 2-5 years and then she will be an old lady and when its time we will do whatever is necessary so she dies without suffering

    • SandyMcCollum profile image

      SandyMcCollum 5 years ago

      No thank you.

    • profile image

      rokan 5 years ago

      i need turmeric seller ..


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      Zanarkil, North Pahartali,PS-Khulshi


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    • SandyMcCollum profile image

      SandyMcCollum 5 years ago

      I had no idea you could use it for that! Great idea, thanks! And thanks for reading.

    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 5 years ago from trailer in the country

      I love using turmeric as a medicine...sometimes I brush my teeth with it when my gums are sore. Of course then you have to get rid of the yellow stain, but toothpaste is a good follow up.

    • SandyMcCollum profile image

      SandyMcCollum 5 years ago

      Good point, although I hadn't read that in my research. Thanks for the information, I'm going to look into that and modify my article if I need to. Thanks for reading!

    • profile image

      Lynne Curtis 5 years ago

      It should be noted that there is a possibility of constipation in some cases when using tumeric, and also dehydration. If constipation occurs, often a simple drink of milk will sort things out, but it is best to be aware this problem could occur. Of course, we all know that water should always be available anyway, just ensure that the dogs does drink enough.

    • Rusti Mccollum profile image

      Ruth McCollum 6 years ago from Lake Oswego, Oregon

      I wish I had known this when we lost Porsha. I mean I was adament she had Iams or Science Diet. I gave her something to help her pain so she got some relief., she was my baby. I know the vet said she would have only 2 more weeks.She had cancer.Lord I still have a hard time writing this.I'm bawling like a baby.I miss my girl so much. great article,if I ever can bring myself after Porsha to get another dog,I'll surely use this article.Thanks.Voted you up.