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Turning Vegetarian

Updated on March 19, 2013

Why Vegetarian???

There will be many among us you will be having some or the other pet at our home.They may be dog, rabbit, fish in aquarium , cat or even the rat...we love them as if they are the part of our family.

But let me ask you one question...Did you anytime think of cutting and eating your pet? ...and i am sure the the answer is is can you kill someone with whom you are so much connected and whom you love so dearly.

But then my next question is how can you kill those innocent fishes, chickens and goats? Is it because you are no way related to them or just because they are tasty to eat? Don't they have any life in them? Don't they feel the pain while you cut them?


My transformation from non-vegetarian to vegetarian

In the recent past I was also a hard core non-vegetarian. It was not even in my wildest dream to turn vegan. Being born and brought up in Goa,the place which is known for varied sea foods and other non-vegetarian stuff.

One day I saw a cat with its kittens, the cat took so much care of those little newborn kittens. Then it stuck to me that if these animals have the feeling of love and care then they must also have the negative feelings like fear, hatred they must be feeling so painful when they are slaughtered.

That very moment I decided to avoid eating non-vegetarian food items. Like humans even the animals have the right to live. Who are we to take away their life just for the sake of satisfying our tough.

Turning vegetarian was the gradual process, in fact it was the skill to connect with the food we eat.

When I turned vegan, some of my acquaintance were worried that I won't get enough nutrient. But let me tell you that there are enough vegetarian items which are capable of filling the nutrient requirements in our body and they are also tasty. Now a days we also get mock meat made up of soya in the market which taste exactly like a real meat.There are so many new creative things coming out that one may need not even sacrifice one's craving to eat non-vegetarian food.

Being vegetarian also make me feel so light and pleasant.

Like humans even those animals have wonderful world of their own. Why to take away their right to live by killing them.

Just live and let live....



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