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Twenty Ways That Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Updated on September 28, 2010

An Ode To The Feline Species

I would like to proclaim something right now: I am a fanatical, card-carrying cat person.

Whenever I see one of our feline friends, I go nuts because they are absolutely precious.

Now don't misunderstand me here - I like dogs, too. Being man's best friend, they are very loyal creatures who often make it a habit of brightening up your day while exuding mass quantities of energy.

However, I must state that I do prefer cats by a fairly wide margin; here are the reasons why that is so:

1.  Cats are lower maintenance than dogs. You don't have to walk them or use pooper scoopers for them - and they don't need leashes.

2.  Cats are more independent than dogs. They are not nearly as needy and they hover over you far less than their doggie counterparts.

3.  You don't have to give a cat baths. In fact, they often don't like them, as they prefer to clean themselves.

4.  Cats are less messy. While they do scratch furniture and curtains and leave a bad smell in the cat box, all you need is a good scratching post and some odor-killing litter to counter that.

5.  Speaking of cat boxes, unlike canines who leave their urine and bowel movements on the floor if not walked, felines bury their bodily wastes.

6.  Try getting peace and quiet with a barking dog nearby with their owners away; it's a very annoying nuisance. I once had to file a formal complaint with the manager of our condominium complex because a neighbor's dog would loudly and incessantly bark on his master's porch at all times of the day, with the owners doing nothing about it.

Let's put it like this - I've never seen a muzzle for a cat, and I have definitely never seen a cat wearing one. That is saying something.

7.  Certain types of dogs have been known to turn on their masters and bark and growl in a mean way whenever people pass by where they are. Cats don't do that.

8.  Cats don't jump all over you when you come home from work or school - at least not nearly as much as dogs.

9.  When one compares the biggest felines to the biggest canines, it's clear that cats are much more preferable because they are easier to handle and are still smaller than the biggest dogs.

10.  If you're the type of person that values privacy, cats are perfect because they are better at occupying themselves. You have to keep a dog entertained a lot more.

11.  Cats are more flexible, have better agility, and can leap higher.

12.  Most folks, I imagine, would rather hear and feel the sound of purring than the sound of panting.

13.  Unlike dogs, cats don't slobber.

14.  Generally speaking, cats are better able to feed and take care of themselves than dogs if set free to forage on their own.

15.  Dogs are like pre-school boys in their level of maturity. Much like girls, cats tend to be more mature.

16.  Felines are less likely to knock over things and mess up the house. Their canine counterparts are more likely to do such; that's why they are often left on the porch or kept outside in the yard.

17.  Meows are more pleasing to the ear than barks, howls and growls.

18.  Cats sleep for much of the day, leaving you more able to do your thing. Dogs - not so much.

19.  Cats make canines seem like boys with ADHD; they are that much more mellower that way.

20. There's nothing like watching a cat sleep on a windowsill in the sun. It's like zen meditation.

Although I know full well that there are lots of dog lovers and entrenched dog people out there who will vehemently disagree with these reasons, these are my rationalizations as to why our feline friends need to be considered for taking the title of man's best friend away from canines.

In the meantime, I welcome a debate on dogs and cats and why one is better than the other; as I stand by my strong belief of the superiority of felines, I'm also looking forward to reading the counter hub of why dogs are better than cats.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      well i guess it depends what type of person you are.

    • profile image

      Cat Bullet 

      5 years ago

      Cats sometimes do funny things like get stuck in tight places and they never shed fur.

    • profile image

      must love cats 

      6 years ago

      these reasons are really helpful...and true.i love cats more than dogs but that doesn't mean i don't like dogs.i still [ like ] dogs,but i just for some reason like cats better

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      a mans (yuck!!!) best friend is a DOG.but a womans best friend is s cat

    • crazybeanrider profile image

      Boo McCourt 

      8 years ago from Washington MI

      LOL Plays drums on the windows, my cat does that too. I prefer cats over dogs, but I gotta say cats have their moments. Nice hub!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      feedback on certain reasons you gave:

      1. my cat has me up several times a night to let it in and out, no i don't want a cat flap!

      2. my cat is more needy than a dog, if she's not happy she starts playing drums on the window and she is not as intelligent as a dog to tell me what she wants.

      6.the cat next door to me xan scream for more than an hour at a time when confronted with a cat from another street, it sounds like a kid with a very high pitched voice saying "help" and sometimes it really sounds like "let me out". believe me after a few minutes of this i'd preffer a barking dog. as for a muzzle fair play but how about some type of glove for the little critters, which i'll explain next.

      7. My cat more than jumps up on my lap to be stroked then she just turns on me clawing me to bits, I've got scars. she also bites my feet, which she thinks is a game as she's done this since she was a kitten, she's now 5.

      11. what's that got to do with comparing cats to dogs

      12. i covered this already in my feedback to reason 6.

      13. my cat drools as soon as i say words like chicken or ham and she slobbers while i habd feed her tit bits.

      14. this would depend on where you set them free.

      15 & 16. you say this like all dogs are boys and cats are girls, I grew up owning three dogs, all bitches, they had there moments but this cat i have has superseeded anything they done in the 18 years i had them and my cat is only 5.

      17. again I've covered this already though yes a purr is quieter than a dog panting though two of my dogs were staffies and they aort of groaned like a purr when being scratched or stroked.

      18. yes cats sleep all day that's why my cat has me up several hours of the night tapping the window wanting in or out.

      19. again your saying dogs are all boys and cats are girls, dogs only act this way if you don't walk them and use up their energy, my neighbours cat (a male) can run round in circles chasing its tail. my own cat, after grooming her, will go out and roll about on the patio or grass like a dog does then she'll come in the house and have her 'mad couple of hours' ,as i call it, where she runs from room to room over and under anything in her way and finnishes by doing the toilet in her newly cleaned out litter tray even though the front door and windows are open for her to go out, she always has to christen a fresh clean litter tray every day as soon as its done. its like she holds it in, even if she's been out all day, if she notice's her tray has just been cleaned she christens it.

      20. this could be said about a dog too, though you won't get many on the window sill. in fact i ask you why is it permissable for a cat to be seen as cute sleeping basicaly anywhere but if a dog was sleeping on the roof of your car you'd chase it?

      Under no circumstances are cats getting the crown of "Man's best Friend"

      I hope you take this as positive feedback as i have agreed with the reasons which i have not gave a response to.

      Yours Sincerely, WOOF! WOOF!


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