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Two-Headed Snake Facts and Mythology

Updated on December 12, 2017

Two-headed snakes appear ass a rare but recurring biological curiosity, in most species of snake. These real animals may have incpired their many counterparts in myth and legend.

Real Two-Headed Snakes

These are snakes with two heads, and sometimes short necks before attaching to a shared body. However x-rays show that even when the snake is externally divided at or very near the head, each head has a separate stomach.


Synomyms: axial bifurcation, dicephalism, somatodichotomy


Heasman (1933) collected over 70 reports of double-headed snakes. Wallach (2007) collected n astounded 950 cases.


Two-headed snakes are most commonly cue by single embryo that has divided incompletely. Suggested causal factors include extremes of temperature, low oxygen, toxins or inbreeding.

Mythological Examples


In 671BC poetry described the amphisbaena as a dangerous two-headed snake to be found in Egypt. It's bite was said to cause blindness and death.

Other Examples

Examples of two-headed snakes in other mythologies are to numerous to discuss in depth. The include in Chinese mythology Wei-t'o, Inkanyamba in Zulu stories and in native American mythology a snake known as Ka'toya.


Unproductive Internal Conflict: The two-headed snake is often used as a symbol of people that are divided into factions, such as liberal versus conservative politics in the United States. Th implication is that, with two heads, the snake cannot agree on a plan and make progress,

War: A vision of a two-headed snake was considered an omen of war in ancient Egypt.


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