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Types Of Frogs

Updated on October 22, 2011

Frogs are amphibians which belong to the order Anura of the class amphibia. They are recognized by their large bulgy eyes, their long jumpy legs, their slimy smooth skin and their specific croaks.

There are three suborders and 29 families of frogs and they have around 5280 species all over the world. There are many different criteria for differentiating frogs into various types.

Mostly they are differentiated on the bases on their color, their size, and patterns on their bodies, their teeth formation and their croaks. Mostly frogs are harmless but some maybe poisonous.

Frogs are generally insectivores and feed on small insects. Since they are amphibians, they like to live in places that are near ponds and lakes.

Some famous types of frogs are discussed below:


Bull frogs are very large frogs which belong to the family Ranidae which are also called true frogs. They are mostly found near fresh water, canals, ditches or any water body and are present in almost all parts of the world.

The bull frogs of America and Africa are particularly very large with the “Goliath Frog” being the largest frog specie on earth. The American bullfrog Rana catesbeiana is also another very large frog found in North America.

Bull frogs are nocturnal frogs and get out at night to hunt for food which they consume in large amount as they are extremely voracious eaters. Their population in the world is quite high.

Due to their extreme large size they are used for laboratory dissections. Their skin color may vary from specie to specie but mostly they are dull yellow or light green in color.

Spots may or may not be present but mostly light spots can be found on their slimy skin.

Tree Frog
Tree Frog

Tree Frogs

Tree frogs are small frogs which usually spend their time living in trees and vegetations. The family of tree frogs called Hylidae is a large family which contains many different species.

They are smaller than other frogs because of which they can easily climb slender twigs and branches. The skin of tree frogs is warty while color may vary from green to yellow to grey.

The color of skin of these frogs depends on their environment as they are famous for the fact that their skin allows them to camouflage with their environment. Since mostly they live in trees, majority are either green or yellow.

The most popular tree frogs are the green tree frogs. These frogs have a bright green color and are very popular as pets.

Other famous tree frogs are glass frogs, gray tree frogs and North American frogs. A part from green tree frogs many other species of this family are also kept as pets.

Poison Dart Frog
Poison Dart Frog
Northern Cricket Frog
Northern Cricket Frog

Poison Dart Frogs

Poison dart frogs are one of the very few poisonous frogs and belong to the family Dendrobatidae. These frogs vary in size but mostly they are small. They are natives to central and South America where they live mostly in rain forests.

The skin of these frogs carries toxic alkaloids and is brightly colored so that their predators and enemies get a sign of warning.The colors and patterns on their skin vary from specie to specie.

Some poison dart frogs are less dangerous and poisonous as compared to some wild ones; these frogs are usually kept as exotic pets. Poison dart frogs are also famous for their high level of parental care towards their young ones as frogs generally don’t do so.

There are many different species of poison dart frogs having different coloration and body patterns, out of these the strawberry dart frog is the most popular poison dart frog.

Northern Cricket Frogs

The northern cricket frogs or Acris crepitans are small frogs which are native to the United States.

These frogs, although come under the family of tree frogs, do not live in trees; also they are smaller than other species that come under this family therefore they are mentioned separately. The maximum length these frogs can attain is 1.5 inches.

The skin color of these frogs like normal tree frogs varies from green to grey to yellow. They have blotchy patterns on their skin by which they are distinguished.

Another distinguishing feature they possess is the cricket like sound they produce as a mating call, hence they are called cricket frogs.

Northern Leopard Frog

The northern leopard frogs like bull frogs are very large frogs and are mostly found in the United States.

They are usually dark green or brown in color and their skin possess large round spots which are dark in color and are bordered by rings light in color.

These unique frogs live near dense aquatic plants and are hunted by zoologists for research purposes.


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