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Types Of Horse Breeds

Updated on December 31, 2011

Horses are one of the most cherished mammals in the world. These four legged strong animals have also been the most used animals by man for thousands of years. Horses in general are herbivores with strong legs, body and a long hairy tail.

They are gorgeous looking and are fast running animals. Horses are basically used by man for riding and in the past since there were no automobiles they were the primary source of transportation. However these animals have now become a symbolism of speed and class and even today many enthusiasts take pride in horse racing and horse breeding in general.

There are many different types and species of horses. These horses differ in their size, strength, body color and many other factors. Some of the famous types of horses are mentioned below:

A free roaming Mustang
A free roaming Mustang | Source

The Mustang

Mustangs are one of the most famous horses in the world. These wild gorgeous horses are also one of the most beautiful horses in the world. The word mustang it self is derived from the word mesteno which means wild.

They however can be tamed and used as saddle horses. They have very strong legs and are quite stronger than other horses as they can survive and withstand harsh weathers and conditions. They also have stronger hooves and they can move on any terrain without horse shoes.

Mustangs are large horses and they grow early as by the age of 4 they are large and strong enough to be used for various purposes. They mostly move in herds in which the mare, a female and the stallion, a male lead the herd. The mare walks in front of the stallions.

Unfortunately not much mustangs are left on earth. There are only 50,000 mustangs are left in the world but measures of their protection are being taken.

American quarter horse
American quarter horse | Source

American Quarter Horse

The American quarter horses or simply the quarter horses are believed by some as the oldest horses in the US. This name however was given to them in 1940 and is based on the American Quarter Horse Association as it was used in the racing competitions held by that association. Currently the quarter horses are the largest breed of horses in the world as nearly four million of its species are found.

Quarter horses have a short and broad head which bears small prickled ears. It has strong hind quarters which are also well muscled. Their back is quite short. The quarter horses are in general strong and intelligent horses used for riding and for competitions. They are also ideal for sports such as jumping and polo.

Appaloosa | Source


Appaloosa horses are perhaps the most ancient and the most elegant horses in the world. They were depicted in cave paintings nearly 20,000 years old and have also been depicted in Chinese and other literature. In the ancient Chinese culture they were called the celestial horses. Appaloosas are also the horses of the American natives of the past.

Physically appaloosas have a dark body which is covered with spots and stripes and white hind legs and loins. The interesting thing is all the species of appaloosa are different from each other and no two appaloosas are same despite of sharing the mentioned characteristics.

Appaloosas in general have an elegant body structure and a well shaped head. Their hind legs are very strong which makes them fast runners. They are friendly horses and are used for running, jumping and almost all the uses that can be taken from a horse.

Morgan Horse
Morgan Horse | Source

Morgan Horse

Morgan horses are named after Justin Morgan, who was the owner of the bay foal who gave origin to the famous Morgan horses. Actually the horse he bought in 1789 was a good, healthy, honest and strong horse whose progeny was named Morgan.

Morgans then eventually became popular and as their generation grew they became commonly used horses. They were used as carriage horses and for clearing forests and plowing. Morgans are usually chestnut, black, yellow, grey or cream in color.

Their body is compact with a short head, broad forehead and large eyes. They also have a high tail and broad loins. Morgans are strong horses with a good stamina and are easy going friendly horses. They are mostly used for riding and in carriages.

An American paint horse
An American paint horse | Source

American Paint Horses

American paint horses are another category of famous horses and are believed to be the most common horses of America. Paint horses are chestnut, tobiano or overo in color and bear spots and patterns on their bodies.

They have a compact body with a small head. They are famous for their strength and their good character. They are fast running horses perfect for western riding, in fact they have been used by the westerners for centuries. They are really good riding horses.


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