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Lovebirds -Types and Personality

Updated on November 15, 2014
Popular Breed
Popular Breed | Source

Introduction to the Lovebird Pet

The lovebird is popular pet among owners and bird breeders for several factors:

  • Attractive and Bright Feathers
  • Can have a variety of colour mutations
  • Cute and of manageable size
  • Easy breeding that even a novice can accomplish
  • Docile and family friendly.

Lutino Lovebird
Lutino Lovebird | Source
Mauve Lovebird
Mauve Lovebird | Source

3 Popular Lovebird Pet Species

Lovebirds are members of the parrot family and the following are the more popular breeds for pet quality.

Peach-Faced Lovebird

The peach-faced lovebird is the all time popular breed for a pet. It originates from Southwestern Africa and live in small groups , feeding on berries , fruits , plants and seeds. The peach-faced lovebird gained popularity as a companion bird in the mid 1800s when it was first imported to Europe and successfully bred for sale.

Appearance and Personality

Peach-faced lovebirds measure about 6 inches long and weigh around 50 to 60 grams. Most wild peach-faced lovebirds have a bright or dark green body, a bright reddish face , a horn-coloured beak , black primary feathers and an iridescent blue rump.

Hand-fed baby peach-faced or tamed lovebirds make remarkable obedient pets. It is not a very noisy bird compared to its other parrot cousins.However it can kick up a racket if kept in groups. It sings in a light chatter mostly at dusk.


In captivity breeding , they can produce varieties of stunning mutation colours. Examples of colour mutation include the Lutino(Yellow) or Mauve(Grey) lovebirds.

Colour Mutations

Blue | Source
Albino | Source

Fischer's Lovebird

The Fischer's lovebird originates from Northern Tanzania. They were reported named after Doctor G.A Fischer who is reported to have made the first sighting of these birds in 1887. This popular pet is also good in breeding and comes in a variety of mutations although far fewer than the peach-faced lovebird. Wild ones generally have a bright red beak , bright orange forehead , olive and yellow on the back of the head, violet blue rump , black primary feather and a darker green colour than the peach-faced.They also have a distinctive white ring around the eyes.

Personality and Looks

They are slightly more aggressive than the peach-faced and can get nippy if neglected often.Like the peach-faced , they are not usually noisy unless they are kept in groups. Their colour mutations can range from blue , lutino to albino lovebirds.

Lovebird Pet

Which type of lovebirds do you keep

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Masked Lovebird

Appearance and Personality

The Masked Lovebird originates from Northeastern Tanzania and is also popular among breeders and pet owners. It is commonly found in two colours , green and blue , both occurring naturally in the wild. The first has a green body ,bright red beak , wide yellow band around throat and black head and cheeks. The blue version has a dark turquoise body , black head and cheeks , horn-coloured beak and and white band around the throat.

Like the Fischer's it must not be neglected or it will become nippy and is fairly quiet like the two previous lovebirds.


Examples of colour mutation include cobalt or pied mutation.

Masked Lovebird

Dominant green colour in the wild
Dominant green colour in the wild | Source
Cobalt Mutation
Cobalt Mutation | Source
Pied Mutation
Pied Mutation | Source

Lovebird Singing


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    • Mickji profile image


      2 years ago from between Italy and Switzerland, travelling around the world thanks to a little special object

      I've seen a breed of a lovebird and a parrot, it had green belly and a lot of lines on the wings. It was awesome but I thought it couldn't be possible to make this mix


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