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Understanding Cats 2

Updated on May 29, 2012
Stuck Up AKA Stucky
Stuck Up AKA Stucky

Stuck Up AKA Stucky

One day I went to the store and as I was walking in I heard a cat meowing. I looked around and finally located the cat high in a tree. I went to the base of the tree and started to call him to me. I could see he was scraed, so i began talking to him, telling him he needed to turn around and scootch down backwards. I was amazed when he did just that. As was almost to the crotch in the tree he became uncertain again and started to go back up and I said "No, No, don't go back up, you are doing good, keep coming down", and he stopped and started backing down again. When he reached a section that had a branch going off, he jumped to the other branch and I told him he needed to return to the one he was on and keep coming down. He did just what I told him to. Finally he was just out of my reach, and the clerk brought me a jerky stickto entice him with, but he ignored the jerky and came the rest of the way to me when i told him he needed to come down just a bit more. I asked the folks hanging around and who had watched the whole thing, who the cat belonged to, and EVERYONE told me take him home with me. So I did. I have always known cats were very intelligent, but I had never had one show just how much they can understand like Stucky showed me. Once we were home, I named him Stuck Up (a tree), AKA Stucky. He quickly bonded with me and became the boss cat, he can sometimes be abully, but for the most part he has quite mellowed down. If I am walking and carrying a heavy object, like a bag of cat food, the other cats tend to cluster around my feet and walk along with me, but Stucky would run up and swat the other cats on the hind end, making them get away from my feet, thus clearing a path for me. Sometimes he wants to be boss over me to, but I let him know with a few growls and hisses and eye stares that that simply won't work. He sighs and gives in to the inevitable. Whenever I go outside and walk from point A to point B, there is Stucky walking along with me. If I stop, he stands tall on his hind legs and reaches high with his front paws and wraps them around one of my legs and stands there until I give in and pick him up. He loves it when I swing him up to my shoulder where he rides along as I continue my walking. Stucky is as fun as any dog.



When she was younger, we called her Khalia the Klutz. She couldn't do anything or go anywhere without knocking something off or over or crashing into something. She is still a bit clumsy, but now we call he Khalia Scaredy Cat. She is almost afraid of her own shadow. I have had a few cats in my twelve years of rescuing that seemed to be frightened no matter what you do or how you raise them, and I have wondered if it was a mental disorder. When she is playing and knows she is completely safe, she will scare herself on purpose, but her fear has gotten worse. She is terrified of my step dad. Not because he has done her any harm, but because he has a loud voice and stomps around when he walks. He calls to her and tries hard to be her friend, but he doesn't understand how to handle cats. She even acts afraid of me sometimes. Yet her desire for affection over rules her fear sometimes and she can be quite demanding for affection. However, I am the only one she trusts and will allow to give her affection. That is because I am mommy. I got her and her brothers when they were 4 weeks old. She and BooBerry do not get along at all. They remind me of two teenagers who squabble all the time. Hopefully this will get better once they both have been fixed.

The Kids
The Kids

The Kids

These are the boys who stay in the other trailer and have access to an outdoor run. Starting on the left, the long haired kitty is named Tigger. Slightly behind him and to the right is Pixie, and on the tub is Munchy Munchkins. To the right of the tub is a white, Flame Point Manx named Wooley Baby. And the three short haired orange kitties are Alvin, Simon and Theodore. I dound Pixie when he was around 6-8 weeks old. We had gone to the dump and saw a big pretty orange and white cat there, and he was very friendly. We were going to take him home with us when we saw several kittens run up to him. The kittens were to young to survive without an adult to care for them, and it was surprising that this tom cat took on that chore. We tried to catch the kittens, but only succeeded in catching Pixie. Sadly we decided to leave the adult cat there to continue taking care of the kittens we could not catch. We would have returned the next day to try again, but it was at least a 3 hour drive round trip. Pixie used to be very afraid even of me. Oddly enough, he exhibited a heat cycle, which led me to believe he was pseudo hermaphrodite. And yes, he would allow other tom cats to mate with him. When he got fixed it ended the heat cycles, if it hadn't we would have had to have him spayed as well, meaning he would have been a full hermy. But it was his being in heat that finally won him over to me. I was sitting in the truck one day and he jumped onto the hood of the truck and acted like he wanted in with me. I held my breathe and opened the window, and was amazed and delighted when he came in. I hesitantly offered to scratch him and he bumped his head into the palm of my hand. His craving for affection over rode his fear. He especially loved getting scratched at the base of his tail, and sometimes when the fear gets to much, all I have to do is scratch there and he is like "OH! It's you, I know you". and the fear fades.

Wooley Baby is a very gentle boy. He is sometimes bullied by the rougher boys. He loves nothing more than to be cradled and cooed to.

The boys are Khalias' brothers. I have always had the greatest of troubles telling Alvin, Simon and Theo apart, and I still do. All the brothers are incredibly loving and when I sit with them I get swamped as they all push and shove each other to get the prime lap spots, and whoever misses out on the lap goes for the shoulders. I become a cat tree as they all try their best to get as close as possible to me.

I love all my kids so very deeply. They are my joy and comfort and I thank GOD daily for them.


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  • tlmcgaa70 profile image

    tlmcgaa70 5 years ago from south dakota, usa

    you know something? i didnt connect it before because the only other tortie i ever had was so many years ago, but that one had a fear issue as well, maybe you have something there. it is wonderful to see you here and you are so right about cats being like little people, i think that all the time. thank you for stopping by to read and comment...have a wonderful night.

  • Ardie profile image

    Sondra 5 years ago from Neverland

    I loved reading about the many different personalities of your cats. Its amazing how they can be so different - just like little people! I wonder if all calico/tortie colored cats are scared of everything...