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Understanding our pets

Updated on August 29, 2011
Wolfie Boy
Wolfie Boy

It's all in the way you think

We are taught from childhood not to think of animals as people, don't humanize them. And by doing that it prevented us from ever coming close to understanding them. We tend to consider them the inferior species because they can't speak any of the human languages. But are we any better? After all, we can't speak any of the animal languages...And the animals have one up on us...At least they can understand our languages...We can't even claim to understand one of theirs. It is when we start thinking of them in human terms that we begin to understand them best, and i will explain this to the best of my abilities. Sometimes, I can understand something a lot easier then I can explain it...But I will do my best.

I will use my cat Convict for my first example. Most people would look at him and say he is a mean cat, one that likes to pick fights with other cats. But, I raised him from a kitten. I know he isn't a mean cat. I know that he has always loved to wrestle. He is a big, strong boy. If he fights with smaller cats, he gets to rough for them, so he prefers big cats like himself. The only cat that could ever beat him was his own one-eyed sister, Gizmo. If you think about it, human boys love to wrestle, and fight. It is a boy thing. for Convict...It is also just a boy thing. Since Wolfie Boy has grown up those two wrestle all the time. Convict has finally found someone who loves to wrestle as much as he does.

Then there is my dog, Delta. I raised her to think for herself. She minds me, except for times when she thinks i am wrong. Like the time we had an intruder late one night. I went out to see what the dogs were barking at. I saw something take off running from behind the motor home...right off the small cliff. I went down the driveway to where the something would have ended up, but it was so dark I did not know where it might have gone to, so i kept the flashlight beam on Delta, who was hunting for it. Suddenly she veered away and growled then went back toward what startled her and i could then see in the beam a man laying on the ground trying not to be noticed. I told him to get up or i would let my dog have him. HE got up quickly. He was a drunk. Delta would not stop barking, so i told her to go back to the house. Somehow she understood that her barking was the problem...And that going to the house was also a problem...She went about twenty yards away and lay down and shut up, just watching me and the man, ready if he should try anything. She did not obey me, but that is how i raised her. There are times when i can sense that she is feeling depressed. And i understand what is the cause of it. Others think I am reading to much into it, yet when i address the issue she snaps out of her depression.

When i look at the behaviour of my cats and dogs, i compare that behaviour to the same behaviour in humans. I consider what makes humans do such behaviour...And how to fix it in humans. Then i try that on my cats or dogs. almost always it works. our pets have moods and feelings that are not so very different than ours. They live with us and must deal with that stress along with the stress of just being them. If one tries to understand why their pet is acting the way it is acting by taking into consideration the pets environment, any changes, any new or added source of stress (and if you find something stressful, chances are your pet will to)...And try to look at things from your pets might be able to solve their behavioral problems.

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  • tlmcgaa70 profile image

    tlmcgaa70 6 years ago from south dakota, usa

    it sounds like you have an incredible bond with your feline companion. thank you for sharing him with us. and i also have heard and found that cats make excellent guardians of the home. :o)

  • profile image

    St.Cyprian 6 years ago

    Good article! I totally agree with you. My cat and I are together almost all the time. He sleeps with me. Sometimes we share a pillow. In fact, we share almost everything. We are about as in sync as two human beings might be.

    He's really good for alerting about intruders, too. It's nice to have someone around who hears what I hear. Sometimes he hears something before I do. I've had a lot of problems with crime (although, I live in what you'd think would be a really nice area - go figure!) and I count on him to be a watch cat.

    Cats were once regarded as the guardians of the house. And, he really is! No mouse, no spider, cricket or moth survives for long with him around!

  • tlmcgaa70 profile image

    tlmcgaa70 6 years ago from south dakota, usa

    Lucky are very kind and very generous in your praise...thank you. it is my desire to help people understand their pets better, to perhaps prevent pets from being abandoned because of "behavioral issues". i think sometimes it is easier for people to get rid of a pet then to care enough to find solutions.

  • Lucky Cats profile image

    Kathy 6 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

    hey there timcgaa70! Wonderfully done! Well said! So true and so well communicated that I can't see how anyone would disagree with your wise words. To consider environment, changes, stress factors and understand that animals are like us; they feel these things and they also feel what we are experiencing..very empathetic; perhaps more so than most humans. You have done an excellent service for animals and their families...well said..UP AWESOME USEFUL Interesting and Beautiful because you care and took the time to share your wisdome. Thank you!!!

    PS Wolfieboy is absolutely gorgeous...look at those eyes! And the intelligence and curiosity which shows through.