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Saltwater Angelfish Care Guide

Updated on June 13, 2014

How to Care For Saltwater Angelfish

Saltwater angelfish can be very challenging to keep. They are finicky eaters and most of them die when they are brought home. Doing a lot of reading and online research about these saltwater fishes have allowed me to successfully keep them in my home aquarium.

My favorite saltwater angelfish is the emperor angel, scientific name Pomacanthus imperator. Here he is pictured below in my 10 gallon aquarium, yes you read that correctly, 10 gallons, but he is the only fish I keep in there. I don't keep any other fish or corals or anemones because the emperor angelfish will bully the other fish and he will also eat both the corals and anemones.

I do a 2 gallon water change every week and I run a 100 watt heater at 78 degrees.

Easy Saltwater Angelfish To Keep

Many dwarf angelfish, they are dwarf because they don't grow larger than 6 inches, are relatively easy to keep because they are very hardy from the beginning and they readily eat every type of food given to them such as flake, pellet, frozen brine shrimp, blood worms, you name it.

The list below represents easy to keep dwarf angelfish:

  • Flame angel
  • Eibli angel
  • Six-bar angel
  • Multi-bar angel
  • Singapore angel

The list below represents easy to keep large angelfish:

  • Blue girdle angelfish
  • Half moon angelfish
  • Blue line angelfish
  • King angelfish
  • Gray angelfish

Moderate Saltwater Angelfish To Keep

Emperor and queen angelfishes can be challenging to keep because of their finicky eating habits and also they are more prone to several diseases. The list below represents saltwater angelfish that require more care than more of the common easier saltwater angelfish to keep but these angelfishes should readily accept frozen foods like brine shrimp.

  • Emperor angelfish
  • Queen angelfish
  • King angelfish
  • Cortez angelfish


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    • ssaffery profile image

      ssaffery 5 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Hi praabhu, a juvenile emperor angelfish will do well in a 120 gallon aquarium. Just do not over crowd your aquarium with too many fish. :)

      I love clownfish hosting a rose tip anemone, the picture is simply beautiful.

    • profile image

      praabhu 5 years ago

      i have a marine aquarium in home its 120gallons fish only set up with a 5o gallon sump and refugium stock i have 3 clown and 2 damshell my system is running around 20 days now i like to keep a emperor angel juvenile any sugestions

    • profile image

      Fish tank  8 years ago

      Yeah marine angel fish are beautiful. I keep clown fish, my tank is only 25 gallons. But I the future I would like to have a bigger tank with some angel fish.