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Unique & Fabulous Cat Beds For Sale For Loved Cats And Kittens

Updated on January 4, 2014

A cats home is their castle.

Unique cats beds are important for a cat or younger kitten. They need to identify their own space in order to lead a stress free life.

Cheap beds for cats usually do not give the support and luxury each loved cat deserves. Most cat beds do not last to long depending on the amount of scratching the individual cat does.

Sleeping disorders can lead a cat to being stressed, which in turn can lead to other disorders such as eating and behavioural problems.

Cats give their owners unconditional love, it is fair to say that cats also deserve love, affection, and kindness in return.

The Royal Canopy

The regal bejeweled canopy is a British Royal Crown befitting a Queen or King of cats. A wrought iron frame with a padded, velvet, decadent style print sleeping quarter.

Designed with regal status in mind and securing captivating glances from those whom enter the kingdom. Being made of metal, it cannot be easily scratched ensuring the longevity of this enhanced bed.

Slightly over 27 inches in height and 25 inches long, its enough for any feline to rule their own kingdom from.

The Princess Bed

A bassinet of a bed for an adorable female cat or kitten. This cute cat bed can be found in other places at a more inflated price ( over $100 ) The price on this page is cheap compared to other sites.

Designed for only one cat at a time, this beautiful pink cat bed can be machine washed on a delicate cycle. Beds for cats should represent the cat themselves.

Each cat is as individual as their owners and should be treated as such. Their home is your home, and their bed should be for them only for them to learn their boundaries.

It is advisable to let cats sleep when they need to to help avoid the animal becoming stressed or suffering from sleep deprivation.

The Chaise Lounge Experience.

This very unique and rare Victorian style Chaise Lounge cat bed adds a touch of class to any home. Designed with leopard skin luxury furnishings for utter comfort on those lazy days.

A hand made solid wood frame and suitable for pets up to 15 lbs. This pet bed is purrfect for every spoil cat or kitten and ensures a good rest after a night on the tiles.

Built with flame retardant foam and complies with all necessary fire regulations, unlike other pet beds.

Please click on the smaller images for full details and selection available.

King Louis Philppe Pet Bed

Regal cat beds for blue blooded cats. Royally treated cats may now have their own bed shaped bed within the confines of their owners own bedroom.

This beautifully crafted dark wood, or also made in light oak wood, allows elevation sleeping to keep the cats from the cold floor through the night. Won 1st place in 2013 for best new product in the pets category.

Please click on the smaller image for details.

Castle Cat Bed

A furry combination of sleeping quarters, play park, and lounging area as well as a scratch post all in one. Any cat would love to call this priceless castle as their own personal space.

Deep luxury padding in the sleeping area allows for comfort and fantastic sleeps at night or for cat naps during the day.

Kittens or cats will love to climb and peek through the holes in the roof and side as they play around. The scratching post allows the cats to ensure that this is there one stop shop for everything they require, except love and affection from their proud owner.

Espresso Kitty Chair - Bed

This very different cat bed / chair offers a high point through the day for purrfect watching time. Cats love to be high so as they can be master of all those survey.

This chair, complete with padded cushion, is easy to clean and very robust. Raised 14 inches off the floor with an opening and depth of 17 inches.

Also available in bamboo


The Unique Heated Cat Shelf

This very unique cat shelf comes with two alternatives, one of which is internal heating. Plugged into the wall, the small heater increases the cat shelf heat to almost 15 degrees above room temperature.

The cat shelf itself rests on window ledges and is secured by simple velcro strips. Its ideal for cats wishing to watch the world go by outside the window or for some extra warmth on those colder days.

Option shown above is without the heating.


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    • bestcattree profile image


      4 years ago from Florida

      Great Hub,

      I always love to see others writing about cats and the things they love. I especially liked the cat shelf because it allows our cat to see out of the window at the outdoors! (our cats are indoor cats). Thanks again and great hub!


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