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Useful Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog

Updated on April 4, 2015

Describe Your Dog In One Word (Challenge)

If you’d ask a dog owner to describe their dog in one word, they would have a really hard time fitting every little thing their beloved pets do that simply melts their hearts in just one word. Dogs are friends for life; they’re loyal, funny, and so cute, especially unintentionally. Dogs are also very smart, and if you think that they have nothing better to do than to chase their own tail, you’re wrong.

Sometimes they’ll chase their tail because they have nothing better to do, but only sometimes. More often dogs chase their tail for various other reasons, including anxiety, exercise, or just curiosity. Yes, cats are known for being curious, but this trait is one trait cats and dogs have in common. Now, having a curious dog is not a bad thing, but you, as their owner, should know how to teach them to keep their curiosity within the borders of safety.

p.s. we really think describing your pet in only one word can be tricky, so we'd really like you to accept this challenge, and tell us in the comment section what your pet is like. Remember - one word only.

Good news is that dogs can understand up to 250 commands, but you’ll only need a few tricks to keep them safe.


1. Sit

One of the first tricks dog owners usually teach their dogs is sitting. Our adorable animal friends can get so excited, especially puppies, and they are known to be all over the place in these situations. A broken vase, a dog in your lap, and in general, your house turned slightly upside-down is often a result of dog’s excitement. More importantly, you don’t won’t your dog chasing around the streets, and in front of cars. This is where a simple ‘sit’ trick could be of great help or even a life-saver, and with a little treat coming your dog’s way every time they sit will help them easily memorize this trick.



Another useful trick you can teach your dog is to teach them to come to you when you call them. Maybe you just miss your dog and want to give them one big hug and show them how much you missed them. However, you should know that dogs don’t like to be hugged, as they see this gesture as a sign of dominance. Still, there are a lot of other great ways to show your dog you love them. On the other hand, teaching your dog to come to you can also help your canine friend stay safe. If you see them in a dangerous situation, telling them to come to you will help get them away from danger, and be right beside you - out of trouble.

Leave It

Teaching your dog to leave something that is not for them is more than useful in many situations. As we’ve already mentioned, dogs are curious, and they will stumble upon many things that they shouldn’t eat or chew on. It could be your favorite cake (the last piece of it), or something dirty your dog found on the street – it’s clear that you would want them to leave these things. Humans can be very protective of their food, but in this case, this is not the most important thing. Your pet might find something poisonous, or anything else that could be bad for their health, which is why a ‘leave it’ trick is something you should teach your dog early in their life.

This dog doesn't seem like they're about to leave this. What this furry companion is more likely to do is to say to you: Leave me alone.
This dog doesn't seem like they're about to leave this. What this furry companion is more likely to do is to say to you: Leave me alone. | Source

Fetch It

Now, this trick is one of the fun tricks, both you and your dog will love. We don’t want to say that you’ll be the one fetching things, but if you have a lazy dog, you might have to fetch some things yourself. However, this is not likely to happen, as dogs are always ready to play, and they love spending quality time with their owners. If you want to make fetching even more fun than it already easy, you should get your dog some fun fetching toys.

Not exactly what you'd want your dog to fetch, but it's close enough :)
Not exactly what you'd want your dog to fetch, but it's close enough :) | Source

Patience Please

Remember that all these tricks take time, so arm yourself with patience, and don’t expect miracles. Your dog might need more time to pick up some of these tricks than you’d expect, but the important thing is that they eventually learn these tricks. You were a baby once, so you can relate with your canine friends on some level – you didn't learn everything out of the first try.

Your Dog Loves You Unconditionally


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