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Updated on August 4, 2017


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This is a true story sent to a friend of mine. Please be aware, as you scroll down to view the photos in this article, that they are very graphic. The point is to get the word out to pet owners who still may have this dangerous toy in their homes or yard. The manufacturer has since taken this "toy" off the market. Also, pet stores such as Petco and Petsmart have also taken it off their shelves. The toy was manufactured by a company called Four Paws, Inc. It is called the "Pimple Ball with Bell" Item #207227-001. It is easy for dogs to get their tongue's stuck inside. And, since there is only the one hole in the ball, a vacuum is created and the dog cannot get his tongue out and it can swell, as was the case in this situation. This dog and family experienced much pain and suffering, not to mention, $5000.00 in veterinarian bills and "Chai" the beautiful lab mix in these photos lost his tongue. He now has to be fed by hand by his owners, twice each day, which takes 90 minutes at each feeding. Several others have also reported the same thing happened to their dogs while playing with this toy, without such quite disasterous results, thank God. Remember, the photos are graphic but this story needs to be told! We don't want this to ever happen to another precious animal, so please forward this story to all of your pet loving friends and family. To end on an up note, please check out two of my, and my dogs, Charlie and Gracie's favorite shows, The Dog Whisperer and Doggtown both on The National Geographic Channel.

Dangerous toy with disasterous results

This is a photo of the ball and the hole the veterinarian cut to get "Chai's" tongue out.
This is a photo of the ball and the hole the veterinarian cut to get "Chai's" tongue out.
Because "Chai's" swollen tongue would not heal, it had to be amputated.
Because "Chai's" swollen tongue would not heal, it had to be amputated.
"Chai's surgery to remove the "Pimple Ball".
"Chai's surgery to remove the "Pimple Ball".


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hi it's me again , it's been a week since my dog Ringo died , can anyone let me know how to get these balls off the shelves without costing me a fortune ???? it also looks like the pimple ball I bought it at the dollar store the label reads Quality pet products #17-1700168.

      I can't get this out of my mind I really feel an urgency to do something about it for the love I had for my dog I feel I owe this to my beloved and loyal friend Ringo .

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hi, I bought a ball at the dollar store (big mistake ) and my beautiful 18 month boxer died , I want to warn everyone of this tragedy I'm presently having the ball tested for chemicals that destroyed the wall of my dogs stomack I want to get these ball of the shelves !!! meanwhile please, please pass the word around .

    • profile image

      june lee 

      8 years ago

      WARNING: CUZ almost killed my great dane puppy. Please check out the following site:

      On November 22, 2010, Bella, my almost 8 months puppy broke the squeaker of her new toy large Good Cuz and thus a hole was created. This hole turned out to be a powerful vacum and sucked up Bella's tongue into the small hole. What the Cuz did to my Bella was exactly the same as the Pimple Ball did to Chai. Fortunately, Bella's tongue is saved but poor Chai's has been amputated. This whole incident was so distressful which I would not like to repeat it. I have already report the incident to the JW Pet company to request a recall of this dangerous toy from the market. IF THERE IS ALREADY A HOLE IN YOUR CUZ, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE THROW IT ALWAY IMMEDIATELY.


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