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Vacation at the Jersey Shore with Your Dog!

Updated on July 7, 2012

Vacation With Your Dog!

Every year when we take our vacation we always worry about what to do with our dog. We have a great kennel we can put him in, they have open yards to run and play, it is like a dog vacation. As he gets older and less active he really sleeps a lot during the day and is accustomed to being inside in air conditioning all summer. We have now been on a few vacations and our dog has come along.

It does take some extra planning, but it is well worth it having them with you. We love the Jersey shore and like the Cape May area. I found that there are a lot of houses for rent that are reasonable and allow dogs in a town called The Villas. It is about 8 miles from Cape May. Most of the houses in the Villas are walking distance to the bay beach, and dogs are allowed on the bay beaches all year. I prefer not to swim there, so we take our dog for a nice walk, he has fun playing in the water and watching the seagulls. After he tires out we take him back to the house where he can sleep in comfort while we head to Cape May or Wildwood Crest beach for tanning and swimming. In the off-season, dogs are allowed at Sunset Beach and you can have dinner outside with your pet by your side. There are other restaurants in the area that also allow pets at their out door tables.

This year we found an apartment a block from the beach in Wildwood Crest that allowed pets. It was nothing fancy, but a block from the beach and having our dog with us made it well worth it. There seemed to be a lot of dogs in the area and the people all seemed fine with the presence of dogs. You have to walk them around the blocks to do their business, but as long as you have your bags and pick up after them, everyone was very dog friendly. In the off-season dogs are allowed on Wildwood Crest beach after certain hours, but not in the summer months. There is a park on the bay side, Sunset Lake and dogs are allowed to be walked there all summer long. Sunset Lake is a short drive from anywhere you would stay in Wildwood Crest. About ten miles away is Stone Harbor, they allow dogs on the beach after 7:00 o'clock until dark all summer long. We took two trips out to Stone Harbor and our dog loved it. He got to run on the beach and play in the ocean. Our ten-year-old dog seemed like he was two again.

Go ahead and take your dog with you on your vacation. Not having to worry about them and seeing them enjoy the beach is great for you and your dog. Make sure where ever you go with your pet that you bring plenty of water for them and bags to pick up after them. If everyone is responsible, more places will be open to the idea of allowing pets.

Bon Voyage!!!!!!


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    • DrMark1961 profile image

      Dr Mark 5 years ago from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil

      A dog on the beach! That is what life is all about. I will share this on my twitter and hope more people take this option.