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Victorian Bulldogge Hybrid Dogs (Olde Victorian Bulldog)

Updated on December 14, 2011

Physical Description

The Victorian Bulldogge, sometimes also known as the Olde Victorian Bulldog, is a hybrid breed that has been developed by crossing several Bulldog dog types to create a healthier and slightly more refined looking dog. These canine hybrids can range from medium to large sized dogs, from 17 to 19 inches at the shoulder and typically weighing between 50 and 90 pounds when fully mature. The breeds most heavily used in the cross include the American Bulldog, English Bulldog and the Bull Terrier. The goal of the early breeders was to create the stocky, square and solid appearance of the Bulldog breeds while eliminating some of the respiratory and whelping problems so common in the traditional purebred dogs.

The Victorian Bulldogge is unmistakably a Bulldog with a thick, wide and deep chest, wide back and very short, thick legs. The feet are very large, as is the head and neck, providing that distinctive cobby appearance. The coat is very short and sleek looking with all colors including brindles, white and black, brown and black and fawn colors all possible. White markings on the face, legs and chest are extremely common.

The head is square in shape with the short, pushed in muzzle of the Bulldog breeds. Like most hybrid breeds with this face shape, respiratory problems and sensitivity to heat can be a problem and needs to be monitored. The upper lips hang below the lower jaw line and the lower jaw tends to be somewhat undershot. The eyes are deep set and round with moderate to profuse and deep wrinkling over the face. The ears are small and turned over at the tip and the tail is very short to longer and thick, depending on the breeding and if the tail has been docked or left natural.


Despite their massive size and rather intimidating appearance, the Olde Victorian Bulldog is a gentle, loving and extremely friendly dog. They are ideal for families with children of all ages and they seem to really love to be around children. While not an active or overly playful dog they seem to just want to be involved in family activities by watching and spending time with their human companions. This hybrid dog does very well with other pets including dogs, cats and other animals.

The Victorian Bulldog is a fierce defender of their territory and doesn’t bark unless they are protecting their space. While not dog aggressive or aggressive towards people they are also not intimidated and will not back down.  Typically their appearance alone is enough to warn strangers not to come any closer. They can be stubborn and simply ignore commands or people they don’t want to have to deal with, so early and consistent training is absolutely essential for this breed.

Grooming And General Care

The short coat of the Victorian Bulldogge requires twice a week grooming with a medium bristle brush or a grooming mitt or glove. The wrinkles on the face should be cleaned at least every other day with a damp cloth and completely dried to prevent any infections or irritations from developing.  Eye infections and Cherry Eye is problematic in the hybrid as they are in the Bulldog types, so be sure to carefully check the eyes on a regular basis.

Not a high energy dog, the Olde Victorian Bulldog prefers long strolls and walks to short bursts of intense energy. In very hot weather these dogs need to be monitored for heat intolerance and heat stroke, however they don’t have the same problems as some of the other short-muzzled purebreds.

Clubs and Registries:

  • ACHC
  • DRA
  • ICA
  • UABR
  • APRI
  • CKC
  • Victorian Bulldog Society (VSB)
  • Victorian Bulldog Foundation (VBF)

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    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      I loved this one and it has to have an up up and away plus a bookmark into 'my favourite animal hubs'..

      Take care and enjoy your day.


    • Gypsy Willow profile image

      Gypsy Willow 6 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

      How sensible to breed out the unhealthy shortened nose. Hopefully it will get rid of the drool problem too. Nice hub, thank you.