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Videos of the Best Toys for Cats

Updated on January 6, 2011
One of our cats and a special friend!
One of our cats and a special friend! | Source

Cat's can be entertained in the easiest ways.  From chasing a plastic object, hunting a red dot or just trying to get that thing...out that..thing..ah...

It's also very fun to watch them have fun!  If you don' really pay attention to you're cats, you should really take the time to appreciate them!  They are perfect examples of beings on this planet that totally just be themselves without care for what others may think.  Because they are cats!  We can learn a lot from them and giving a little treat of attention is all they ask.  

Check out some videos of some toys you can watch you're cat play with. These toys are great for occupying those noisy cats some of you may have.  If they are occupied for hours, it is quiet for hours and everyone is happy.  They also get a lot of exercise playing with some of the more active toys.  My cat was panting like a dog after playing with the a laser pointing toy.   

Simple Spring Toy


This is the simplest toy on the list, but it can make your cat go crazy with energy. The spring is easily movable on non carpeted floors and bounces against anything it hits. A simple swipe from the cat sends the spring flying....and your cat along with it.

Cat Catcher

Da Bird Cat Catcher

This toy is kind of like a fishing rod for cats. Except you don't hook the cat in the mouth with a sharp object and try to reel it in. It's s fake mouse on a string with a stick and you can bounce around. You cat will bounce around trying to get it.



This little toy will make you're cat work for his food. No more meowing from your cat whenever its hungry and needs you to feed it (except for the daily wet food that is). You ca just put some dry food in the ball and the cat will work at it whenever it needs to. It learns what to do it's fun to watch!

Bongo Ball!

Bongo Ball

This is probably one of the well known toys for cat owners. If you don't already have one, tisk! It's necessary for you cat's wellbeing to be active! They have that animal instinct to be themselves.

Auto Laser!

Frolicat Bolt

This is from the popular Cat Toy brand Frolicat. It is and automatic laser pointer that moves in a circular way, making your cat moves for 15 minutes at a time (it turns off after 15 minutes). It's also fun to just turn off the motor and move it around yourself. The body of perfect for holding yourself. Noisy cats? Just turn this on!

Spinning Auto Laser

Frolicat Dart

This is by the same company as the product before and is basically the same idea.  But it is much faster and seems more "aggressive".  It is targeted more towards dogs, but if you have a very active, energetic cat, this one would be better to get than the Bolt.

Senses Play Circuit

Cat It Design Senses Play Circuit

This is one of the track toys out there.  All they really do is move the mall back and forth.  But the way its created makes it difficult or easy depending on where the ball is and how hard the cat hits it.  Another mouse simulating toy!


Peek-a-Prize Pet Toy Box

I feel like if the genius cats played with separate toys, it would be this one.  It kind of looks like a learning tool for cats to learn basic concepts.  The have to concentrate on what hole they are using to grab the balls.  What are they thinking?

Turbo Track

Bergan Turbo Track

Now the uploader of the video bought 4 sets of this toy to create a super track. You don't need to do that to enjoy it fully, as the one set is large enough for one cat. It's a track toy like one of the toys above, but the track is more than a simply back and forth. It's a full circuit with lots of turns, bumps and levels.

Undercover Mouse

Undercover Mouse

This fun toy reminds me of that game you played in elementary school during gym. The fun one ou alwasy looked forward to where you had a large sheet held by all the students. This is kind of like that but for cats. And there is a "mouse" moving underneath. The combination of the air moving the flaps, and mouse will make your cat go crazy.


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    • profile image

      spisteLiz 5 years ago

    • Toys-n-Games profile image

      Toys-n-Games 7 years ago

      awesome toys!

    • lookatmenow profile image

      lookatmenow 7 years ago from Canada

      Thanks guys!! Glad you liked it...your cats will love them!

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 7 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Thanks for a very entertaining hub! I learned about some new types of cat toys that I’ve never seen before. I’m sure that my cats would love them. They’re house cats, so I like to keep them entertained and happy. I’ll have to look for some of these toys in my local pet stores.

    • CountryCityWoman profile image

      CountryCityWoman 7 years ago from From New York City to North Carolina

      Well, this is so timely. I just adopted a rescued cat about 10 months old, and somehow I thought she would hide under the bed and I'd have to do all sorts of therapy. I was wrong! This is the most playful kitten/cat ever. Whew. And when she gets bored with her toys I become the big toy/object. A friend brought over a bag of toys which have helped. But I am always in the market for something new and that she will play with instead of tagging me and running - yikes - we can play tag and hide 'n' go seek all day - whew! She would enjoy the toy spring, and I like the idea of the Slim Cat - that's brilliant and the auto laser - clever.

      And you are right - cats are amazing!

      Thanks a million and rated up!