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Vostok-Service Continues to Support Siberian Cranes

Updated on July 28, 2016

Siberian crane has been sponsored by Vostok-Service since the beginning of the project. Siberian cranes inhabit the northern territories of Russia. These strikingly beautiful birds are rare in the wild nature, the whole species is endangered. Siberian crane is included in relevant documents: international Red Lists of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, CITES, and Russian Red Data Book.

Vostok-Service launched this project in 2014 and every year since then the company has been providing funds for Siberian cranes maintenance at Moscow zoo. Besides, the funds provided within the project are used to buy equipment for the members of scientific expeditions and the employees of relevant research institutes.

Along with Siberian crane, Vostok-Service also supports red (lesser) panda and Siberian tiger.

Vostok-Service hopes that, due to its support, the populations of rare birds and animals in the Russian territory will be preserved and will eventually increase.

Vostok-service supports siberian cranes at Moscow zoo

vostok-service supports siberian cranes
vostok-service supports siberian cranes | Source


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