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Updated on December 15, 2009

Remembering my dog when I was 15 years of age, it pained me. How this dog save my life in the forest. We acquired a piece of land surrounded by trees. We bought it for agricultural use. It was located 5 kilometers from Agusan River. My father constructed a simple and decent house for a family of 6. My father was a farmer at that time. We only have 3 neighbors with their own land also but quite a distance from us.

I raised a small male dog given to me by my neighbor whose son was a close friend of mine. He was a puppy but I like the color of his thick hair - spotted black and white. I called him Spotty.

He followed me wherever I go. I started training him how to pick up stick I thrown to a distance or a sitting posture at home. He easily learned those tricks I've given him. When I went home from the field, he barked at me then lick his tongue to my face. My continues training took me over a year. He was a beautiful dog.

One Sunday morning, I let him accompany me to hunt wild chicken and birds. I put several traps for the chickens and abled to have one. I went further in a hilly part of the mountain with thick grasses and bushy portion of our land. With me Spotty in my behind.

Then something happened, unexpected, Spotty seen a big green snake rolled in small tree near me a few meters away from me. I did not know and have not seen of his presence because I was occupied to see my other trap. Spotty saw the snake. When I was about to cross the path of the snake, Spotty alerted me of his barking near him. When the snake is about to strike, in the split second I was able to go in other direction away from him. I chilled, my limb and feet became weak, my hands stiff, my heart beats so fast. I was afraid and really afraid. Without Spotty my life may end at that moment. Spotty save me.

Dog is one of the most important animal in the household. He will protect the family and safeguard the house from intruders.

Dogs has many differences in characteristics, behavior, color and physical form. Dog has 2 kinds: a useful dog and a household pest. Dogs amazed the owner of his many tricks that he learned. He obeyed his master's command. Some instances when he did a simple disobedience but later on he follow the command given to him.

Patience is one way of training a dog. Without it, he can never learn. It is not an easy task but if you are determine to let him know something amazing then you have to sacrifice a lot of time teaching him. A puppy is more preferable for training. He can absorb the instruction easily. Most often, a voice and hand signal will do. You can communicate him and let him understand to obey you. His hidden abilities can be manipulated if you know how to do. It is just a matter of practice. He will respect you if you let him know the way to show respect.

A guide dog is the most useful dog compared to other types of dogs. He can guide a blind man to cross the street. He helped find missing persons trapped in a debris of mud or building during landslide or earthquake. There are dogs used in airport and pier as security measures before a passengers can board a plane or ship.

You can rely the dog to safeguard your home if you are away or your children at home. Playing with dog or caressing him is one way of building trust and comfort to his master. This is a sign of concern most dogs wanted to have.

But wait! There are dogs that are household pest. Instead of helping the owner, it become a problem to a family. A silent dog is most destructive. He can bite anyone near him without warning. He even bite his master if he is not in good mood. They believed that dog bite because of fear to human especially if he is not yet familiar with his smell. When you come across to this kind of dog, better decide immediately. Don't wait for someone be put in harm's way. It is costly treating someone bitten by a dog. It has risk of infection due to rabies, a threat to life.

To avoid your headache in managing him, the best way you can do is place him away from your house. Place him in a bigger cage so that he cannot bite anyone coming to your house. This will be your protection and to others.

When you have this kind of dog this will be your headache. The best thing you can do is to placed him away from your house. Place him in a bigger cage so that he cannot bite anyone coming to your house. This is your protection and to others.


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