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Ways To Excite A Bored Cat

Updated on April 8, 2009

Is your cat bored? Are they indoor kitties? If so, mentally stimulating him or her can be a challenge, but a necessary one.

Wow, that sounds philosophical!

Anyways, it really is important for your cat. Just like people, if their brains aren't engaged, they start to suffer. Their eyes will lose their luster. And they can start suffering from depression. It's true!

Ok, I think I explained that alright.

So, now that we know the importance, how do we get them excited about their lives?

Hide Their Food

Cat's love this! On their own, they find little bits of food as they go scavenging or hunting. And they don't find a full meal in one sitting. They find small meals throughout the day or night.

So, if your kitty is home by themselves all day, you can place small amounts of food throughout the house. The total amount should be the same as if you placed it in one bowl. This way, your cat will need to hunt/scavenge for his food throughout the day. Kitty will need to use his or hers observation powers to find their food.

For an added challenge for kitty, you can place some food inside a ball or can with a small opening. When kitty paws or bats at it, food will spill out.

Toy Peek-A-Boo

This is another favorite. This activity is for both you and your cat.

What you do is tie a small toy to a string and pull it under something. You can use a somewhat see through sheet on the ground and pull the toy under the sheet all the way through it. Your cat should perk up and pounce on this unseen prey.

Alternately, you can also drag the toy between two pillows or under a pillow and make it peek out once in a while.

There are some great toys for bored cats out there. They are definitely worth looking into.


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