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Ways To Excite A Bored Cat

Updated on August 7, 2017

Is Your Cat Bored?

If your cat pounces at you every opportunity it gets or he or she goes crazy at the oddest moments, then your cat may be bored. Cats like people do get bored, especially indoor kitties who don't get the same stimulation that outdoor kitties get. That's not to say that you have to let your cat outdoors. No, that has its own dangers. But it is to say that if you have an indoor kitty, then you, as a responsible cat owner, need to provide ways to stimulate your cat.

It is possible with just a few additions to your home and a few activities from you.

I'm bored, mom and dad!
I'm bored, mom and dad!

Cats are natural hunters and scavengers, so scatter food around for him or her to find.

#1: Hide Their Food

One, you can hide their food when you get ready to go to work or anywhere else. Cats are hunters and scavengers and they love this game. It's best if your cat doesn't follow you so he or she knows exactly where you've put the food (mine did that).

What you do is you grab a couple handfuls of kibble and you sprinkle a few pieces in different places. Try on top of a bookcase that your cat has access to, on the floor behind the sofa, on top of the sofa, on top of your cat scratching tree, a hidden spot in each room.

If you want, you can actually do this to your cat's meal. Instead of giving the meal to your cat in a bowl, you can sprinkle it all over the house for him or her to find. This both gives your kitty something to do as well as stimulates his or her little brain and problem solving abilities. That's right, cats can solve problems related to finding their food. (I think it's a classic skill that all hunters possess.)

#2: Toy Peek-A-Boo

This is another favorite. This activity is for both you and your cat. This one is for playtime when you get home or before you leave for work. It also is a way to drain your cat's energy so he or she can be calm while you are busy doing other things.

What you do is tie a small toy to a string and pull it under something. You can use a somewhat see through sheet on the ground and pull the toy under the sheet all the way through it. Your cat should perk up and pounce on this unseen prey.

Alternately, you can also drag the toy between two pillows or under a pillow and make it peek out once in a while.

There are some great toys for bored cats out there. They are definitely worth looking into.

#3: Install Cat Shelves

CatastrophiCreations Deluxe Cat Playplace Hammock Climbing Activity Handcrafted Wall-Mounted Cat Tree, Onyx
CatastrophiCreations Deluxe Cat Playplace Hammock Climbing Activity Handcrafted Wall-Mounted Cat Tree, Onyx

This one adds vertical space to your cat's indoor world. Cats are climbers and they feel the most calm when they know they can go vertical when threatened. So, by adding cat shelves to your home, you are helping your little hunter feel more comfortable. It also provides more stimulation for your cat as he or she needs to figure out how to get around on these shelves. It also provides more space for your cat to jump around and do his or her gymnastics (more ways to release that energy).


#4: Cat TV

This one sounds kind of silly, but some people have had success with this. There's even videos people have made just for this purpose. These videos show either fish swimming around or birds at a bird feeder. Cats are attracted to these images and may even try to swat at the TV. This keeps the cats engaged and gives them a stimulating activity. Though, some cats do figure this out and stop paying attention to the TV.

What Activities Work for You and Your Cat?

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