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Ways You Can Help Animal Shelters

Updated on February 20, 2015

Animals shelters may become overcrowded, especially during kitten season. At those times, shelters can really use the assistance of the public to help out. If you would like to know how you can help animals who are living in animal shelters, here are a few suggestions.


One way of helping out a shelter is by donating money to the shelter. Some animal shelters and rescues allow you to donate money directly through their website. You can also mail checks to the shelter or go there in person to drop off a donation. The money will be used for food, veterinary services and supplies.

Money is not the only thing that you can donate to an animal shelter. Some shelters need supplies that you may already have in your house. Some items such as old newspapers, bath towels, blankets or unopened bags or cans of pet food may be accepted as a donation to an animal shelter.

Free Clicks To Fund Bowls Of Food

If you do not have the money or any supplies to donate to an animal shelter, you may want to visit the following animal rescue site at This website allows you to click on a purple banner that says "click here-it's free!". When you click on the banner, you will then be routed to another webpage that will thank you for your click. After you click on the banner, the animal rescue site will fund bowls of food for animals in need.

Old Car Donation

If you have an old car that you are looking to get rid of, you may want to visit the Humane Society's website at Here you will find out how to donate your old car to this organization. The proceeds will go to the Humane Society to help animals.


You can help out an animal shelter by volunteering your time. You could go in person and volunteer your time by helping to clean animal cages, socialize animals, do clerical work or answer phones for the shelter. Volunteering your time can be very helpful to the shelter staff who may be overwhelmed.


You can volunteer for an animal shelter in your home by fostering animals. If you choose to foster an animal, you will bring the animal into your home and take care of it until it is old enough or ready to be adopted out. You may help to find potential adopters for your foster animal. Fostering is a good way to get animals out of crowded shelters and into homes where they can receive more personal attention and care.

Fostering may also lower an animal's risk of catching an illness or infection from other animals in the shelter. By taking a shelter animal into your home to foster, you will also free up space that can be used for other animals who are dropped off at the shelter. You can go to your local animal shelter's website or call the shelter for more information about their fostering programs.


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