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Ways to Improve Relationship with your Dog

Updated on May 20, 2013

Your dog is more than a pet. In fact, it is a member of your family. From the very first day you bring your dog home, a new relationship begins. Whether they happen within a species of between them, relationships are the same in what they need to grow and thrive. Books, tips, and a lot more that talk about improving your relationship with your friend, partner, or child offer the same advice. The ideas that follow can also be applied to other close bonds but in this case, they point particularly to improving your relationship with you canine friend.

  • Spend more time together.

A relationship is all about spending time with one another and sharing experiences. Spending more time together tightens the bond most especially if you spend quality time with each other.

  • Communication.

Misunderstandings and confusion can ruin any good relationships. Therefore, make sure to be as clear when you communicated with your canine friend by being consistent with your training signals. Dogs can learn visual signals quickly than vocal cues. Thus, make sure to use the former as often as possible. Dogs pay more attention to what we do rather than what we say. This means that we need to attend to what we do whenever we talk to them. You'll feel closer when there's clear understanding between you and your dog.

  • Food

The way to a dog's heart is through the stomach. Make sure to feed your dog with healthy and tasty food. You can make homemade recipes for your dog to make sure that it gets the best nutrition.

  • Good Training

Well-trained dogs are loved by many. Dogs that are trained well are allowed greater freedom. Whenever they are called they have the chance to spend more time off their leash. If they don't jump off the table and go for the food, they could probably stay nearby during mealtime. Training also saves you from a lot of frustrations. The more obedient your dog is, the healthier your relationship is.

  • Always remain calm.

Dogs can pick up your emotions. If you're always losing your temper, yelling, and always getting angry even if it doesn't involve them can affect them in any way.

  • Massage Therapy

Always touch your dog. According to experts, physical contact like a good massage, grooming, and petting can reduce their stress. Physical contact could help enhance the bond between dogs and people too.

  • Pay Attention to your Dog's Likes and Dislikes

Take time to know what your dog's preferences are. Know its favorite food, game, and etc so you could give him what he really wants and become the source of all things wonderful. And also, you need to know what your dog can't stand or what he doesn’t like.

  • Learn about dog behavior.

Learning more about your dog's behavior particularly its body language and facial expressions is very important. Through this, you can easily identify the signs that your dog may be stressed out, anxious, scared, and etc.


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