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We Need To Save The Honey Bees

Updated on April 1, 2013

What would we do without the honey bees :

1. They provide us with honey which can be used as a medicinal purposes

2. cross pollination

3. oxygen

The creator put these beautiful insects here to help us , but the human population destroys them to take over there natural habitat .

In this day and time this is all to common because of the area of housing and more and more construction going on these and other species of insects and animals are pushed further and further to the brink of extinction , such as the honey bees , the wolves , bears, and the eagles.

I hope that we will finally one day before it is to late understand the importance of the honey bee in todays society maybe before it is to late.

The causes of the loss of population of the honey bee is

1. acute poisoning due to pesticides put on crops

2. foraging bee habitat modification

3 new and emerging diseases such as Israeli acute paralysis

and gut parasite nosema.

4. In adequate foraging/ nutrition

5 bee management stress

We need to wake up and realize that with out the honey bee we to will be endangered as people do not think if the honey bees all die off then our food chain will to be affected as they pollinate the vegetables that we eat and they pollinate the grass and the clover that is eat by the animals that we eat such as cows or buffalo.

The honey be also pollinates the grass that is eaten by sheep and lamb which provides the wool that provides our clothing , and the cotton which is used for clothing.

We can now see the importance of the honey bee in our environment and to kill them would throw the food chain and the balance of the environment out of a serious balance and then what are we going to do for our survival I ask you that or would we survive.

Why is that the bees are not people do not understand that the honey bee is very important to the food supply in ways such as

1. honey for breakfast foods

2. honey that can be used for cooking

These are but a few examples of the uses of the honey bee and why we should preserve them


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    • Cheryl Wadkins profile image

      lady cherokee 4 years ago

      We need to think about what we do and how it affects the honey bees.