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Whale Watching from the Port of Sept-Iles, Quebec

Updated on March 13, 2012


The North Shore of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec is renowned for having some of the best whale watching in the world. In fact, 12 species of whales, including the North Atlantic Right Whale, migrate there every summer to sport in the salty waters of the estuary. There are a number of fine ports along the St. Lawrence River offering cruises to get up close to these majestic creatures. One of the most spectacular is the Port of Sept-Iles. From its archipelago of seven islands, one can get extraordinary views of the whales. Indeed, Sept-Iles is recognized as one of the five best places on earth to observe and follow the whales.

A unique marine environment with exceptional views

Each island of the archipelago at Sept-Iles has distinct features and two of them are particularly noteworthy. Grande Basque Island, the largest of the seven, features 12 km of hiking trails plus campsites. Between June and mid-September, ferry service is offered between the island and the Port of Sept-Iles. Interpretive activities focusing on the marine environment are also available on the island. Corossol Island is a migratory bird sanctuary and an important breeding ground for a number of species of waterbirds.

Guided tours from the Port of Sept-Iles

Guided tours to view the whales and other marine life are available by boat and Zodiac from the Port of Sept-Iles. Sea kayaks are also available. A cruise in this archipelago offers stunning views of the whales and seabirds as they put on an unforgettable nature show. You can ask your travel agent about all the available activities!


There are a number of accommodation options available in Sept-Iles for every budget. Le Tangon hostel, at 555 rue Cartier, is one of the least expensive. For those wishing more luxurious accommodations, Hotel Gouverneur Sept-Iles, at 666 boul Laure, offers a fitness centre with indoor and outdoor pools and is only a short walk from the waterfront. There are also two campsites available nearby.

Some of the best whale watching in Quebec and more

In addition to whale watching and marine exploration, Sept-Iles is an ideal starting point for explorations into the surrounding area. Activities in the region include salmon fishing, music festivals and museums.


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