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What Are Custom Dog Collars?

Updated on May 17, 2013

Custom dog collars are important to you and your dog. These collars can be personalized to fit the personality of your dog. If you get a black lab you can get a red collar with a blue name embroidered on it. The name can stand out, catching the eyes of anyone that found your dog. This way if your dog is lost, a person that finds him can look at his collar and see his name and your phone number.

Dog tags can fall off a collar due to rough housing, or getting caught on things like branches, and fences. If it snaps off, there goes your chance of finding your dog if he ever gets lost.

There are many Personalized dog collars that you can choose from. They come in a variety of colors and look very fashionable on your dog. You can have a blue-colored collar made and then print his name and your number in red. Or you can choose another color. Also you can get name plates that fit onto the color so they won't get lost.

These colors are not only fun but attract attention.

Embroidered Dog Collars

Embroidered dog collars are collars that have the name and phone number sewed on them but there can be designs such as a butterfly, dog bone or paw print. Something that expresses your personality. These collars are made to be fun. You can print your dogs name and your phone on front or back to the collar. There are collars for male and female dogs making them different is the fun part.

You can put small plates that have your dog's name and your phone number and then on the collar you can put "Mama's Little Baby" or "My Big Girl". You can choose from many fabrics and designs. Your imagination is the limit. Many people like to put rhinestones in collars, spelling out their dog's name.

Dog Collars Personalized

Many personalized dog collars can be made to match their leashes or harnesses. If you have the largest dog on the block, his collar can give him style.

If you have a black dog you can have a shiny collar and harness to catch the attention of drivers. It doesn't matter if your dog is large, small or somewhere in between, they deserve a collar that expresses their personality.

Make sure when you get your custom dog collar that you get him a leash and teach him leash training.


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