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What Are Some Unique Dog Names?

Updated on December 31, 2012

What is the right name for my dog?

There are cute dog names, good dog names, unique dog name and there is a list of top dog names. You can name your dog after his color, such as a black lab could be called Storm, Midnight, Sable or Raven. You could name your dog after a movie star such as Mr. T, Pitt or Watson. You can name them after authors, famous people, toons on MMO's, Old Gods and Goddesses in history, cars or make up a name for your dog.

Many people look on the net to find their dogs name. You may give your dog a common name but spell it differently, such as Jake spelled Jayke. Or you may make up a name for your dog such as Snarfle. You may give him a funny name such as Killer if he is a small poodle or mouse if he's a large Great Dane.

It's important to give your dog a name that you like as well as fits him.

Cute Dog Names

Female Dog Names

Male Dog Names

Here are some cute dog names: Sparky, Bubbles, Boo Boo, Brat, Cubby, Ladybug, Pookie, Wiggles, Sniffers, Choo Choo, Foo Foo, Snookie are just some names that you can call your dog.

These names bring a smile to people's lips when they hear them. They can be for small dogs with a sparkling personality or a bigger dog that is a goof ball.

Unique Dog Names

Every hound dog is called Buckshot, Buckwheat, Shilho or Ryloh. You want a different name that you don't hear everyday.

Here are some ideas: Anubis, A.C., Buckeye, Bluedog, Flint, Hawk, Herodotus, Ky, Labo, Na-Nuk, Pearl, Phoenix, Wishbone, Xena are some of the many names that you can look over before you decide.

Common Dog Names

These names are simple to pronounce and slip off the tongue. They may be popular for that reason. Here are a few that you can call your dog.

Max, Ben, Jake, Molly, Rusty, Shadow, Sam, Duke, Buddy, Bear, Jack, Murphy, Zeus, Rocky, Bandit, Tucker and there are many more.

Rules about Naming Your Dog

  • If you live with a family and decide to get a puppy or dog, choose a name together. If you can't agree on a name take a vote. This will bring the family together about making the choice of a name and will work together in training the dog.
  • Make the name you give him simple. It shouldn't be Yellow Fern of Hills Dale. Something short and simple.
  • Make your dogs name something you like.
  • Don't name your dog after someone your personally know.


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