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What Are Termites Afraid Of

Updated on June 15, 2016
Door frame made of wood eaten by termites
Door frame made of wood eaten by termites

Termites are not only an annoyance, these insects can cost homeowners thousands. If you see any termites, which look like white ants, you need to react immediately or permanent damage will result. Usually, homeowners want the best and most economical method to get rid of these pests, here are a few tips you can do in order to prevent and get rid of termites:

  • You can mix boric acid with glycol and place this mixture on the termite trail. This is very effective and is a non-toxic insecticide. The worker termites will walk through and be poisoned. Repeat this process over several weeks so that the workers will die out then the queen will eventually die off due to lack of food.
  • Termites are afraid of salt. Mix four cups of salt with hot water in the plastic bucket. Make sure the water is not too much because it will weaken the concentration and thus make it ineffective. Fill your baster, syringe or spray bottle with the salt solution and inject it into open holes or cracks. If the colony is found outside, the mixture can be sprayed directly into the ground.

This is what termites look like
This is what termites look like
  • According to The Organic Farmer magazine, garlic is a beneficial plant that repels termites. This plant can be planted so that it yields scapes and bulb edibles while keeping our home free of destruction. If you plant garlic in your garden, not only it deter termites but also fend off aphids, moles, fruit tree borers and other pests.
  • Bleach seems to kill just about everything: fungus, bacteria and mold, but many people wonder whether it is effective with termites. The answer is yes. However, this strategy will take care of termites we can see but doesnt address the hidden colonies of termites. This means that using bleach alone wont address the root of the problem.
  • Orange oil is an alternative termite control method made from orange rinds. The termites would be killed instantly by the oil and it is harmless to pets and people. It is also biodegradable and doesnt have a toxic odor like many chemicals do.
  • Other method is to mix the juice of two lemons with half a cup of vinegar. Pour the lemon juice and vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture onto any surfaces termites might attack like garden fences or wooden structures as well as corners of buldings termites might eat into. Also spray onto any entrance holes or termite mounds you come across. The mixture will seep through the holes and cracks and kill the termites

Mud tubes (made of small pieces of soil and wood) are one of the most common signs of termite infestation.
Mud tubes (made of small pieces of soil and wood) are one of the most common signs of termite infestation.


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