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What Dogs Distate About Humans

Updated on February 4, 2015

There is no denying dogs are humans’ best friends in many different ways. Not only do they offer company, protection but they have also helped humans in dangerous situations.

Despite the fact dogs know humans more than any other animals; there are things about humans dogs hate. What many dog owners or lovers fail to notice is that dogs are animals, and there are things or characteristics of humans we cannot transfer to dogs.

If you have never known there are times your dog hates you, learn the reasons as to why.

Here we go:

Military dog barking
Military dog barking | Source

1) Rules and Regulations

If there are animals which like following rules to the letter, the prize should go to dogs. When you tell a dog not to do this, or do that, it will exactly obey. It cannot be compared to cats which more often than not are good at doing what they have repeatedly been warned not to do.

It is important as a dog owner not only to verbally warn the dog not to do something that is negative, but also consistently through actions prove that is unwarranted behavior which it needs to stop doing. And, don’t offer exceptional rules, they only make them more confused. Remember dogs learn through actions, not words (only minimal).

As a dog owner let your dog know the boundaries by ensuring you enforce them through actions. This way the dog will know which boundaries it’s not supposed to go beyond. Don’t say ‘No’ then that’s all. It doesn’t translate to the dog’s mentality that you’re opposed to that behavior. Enforce the ‘No’ with action.


2) My World

When dog owners go for a walk, for whatever reason, they don’t remember the dog also has a right to explore its world. As much as a dog owner has a reason for going for a walk with a dog, the dog does need an opportunity to explore the world around it.

They explore their world through smelling. Give them a minute or so to sniff around, to get to know who or which was here before it or what happened earlier at this place, mark its territory and so on. You will do them a big favor. They do deserve it. Most of their time they spend sniffing, so it's something they enjoy.

3) Need A Hug

No. To a human Yes, to a dog No. Generally, dogs loathe hugs. They are annoying to them. This will be seen clearly how they behave when hugged. And as much as the owners hug their dogs, the dogs do tolerate this unwarranted behavior. However, it turns out to be far worse if they are hugged by strangers. They feel threatened and at times fearful.

This case also rings true of humans. If a stranger wants to hug you, you will lean on one side to avoid the hub or back a few steps behind. If you happen to be hugged by a stranger, you will feel uncomfortable, at times threatened or alert on what the stranger is after (his real intentions).

Remember, this is an affection dog’s don’t understand and cannot seem to process it in a clear detail. They have their own way of transmitting affection.

10 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate

4) Bored To Death

Yeah, that’s right! Dogs can easily get bored with you as an owner to the point of passing out. Well, that is an exaggeration.

If you compare a cat with a dog, a dog always tends to be playful. In most cases when humans play with dogs, it’s humans who quit playing first before the dogs do.

Therefore, when you see your dog busy doing something it’s a message it’s passing that it is bored and you are very boring. Chewing a pen or shoe laces is not enjoying it but because it doesn’t have anything else to do to reduce the boredom it isundergoing.

Taking time to play with it even if it’s inventing new tricks is better as it has waited all day for you to play but you seem to have paid little attention to it.

Walking the dogs
Walking the dogs | Source

5) Hey, Actions Not Words

We humans were blessed with speech more than body movements as a way of communicating. We usually tend to talk much than act the reason why many times we are told actions speak louder than words. It seems to ring more true to dogs.

This is not the same case with dogs. While they can understand words we utter, well, they don’t know what to make of some of them.

Dogs learn best through actions, what they see. This explains why dogs get irritated with us humans when they cannot make tail from head what we mean. They read from how we act – body language.

Minimize words; amplify actions to be able to communicate better with your dog.

6) Don’t Look At Me That Way

We feel threatened, uncomfortable, shy, intimidated when someone stares straight at our face. This is especially the case with strangers. We don’t like being stared at. We always tend to be nervous and do things we were doing awkwardly.

The same case translates to dogs. Staring at them is not good, especially if the dog is not yours. They feel intimidated and threatened. They will either bark, back away from you or turn out to be aggressive.

Don’t stare at it eye on eye, it doesn’t take that in good faith.

1) It’s Not Funny

That is true. It’s not funny when you stare at a dog even if it’s yours, pull its tails or ears, imitate its sound when it barks, scare or frighten it, make faces in front of it and other teasing. It doesn’t look funny on their side.

As humans there are teasing we don’t take in good faith. Not only are they embarrassing but also annoying. Any form of teasing you want to exhibit to your dog, forget it. You never know when you will find yourself in a deep pit. If you happen not have been bitten, consider that as good luck. They hate teasing at all cost.


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