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What Fish Can Live With Cichlids

Updated on September 20, 2010

What Fish Can Live With Cichlids

There are many types of cichlids out there. We are talking about one huge family that features fish ranging in size from around 2 cm to almost 100 cm. In most cases the bred cichlid species that can be raised in a communion with other fish are kribensis, angelfish and apistogrammas. Never keep the fish in tanks with fish less than five centimeters long. When you breed cichlids they are to become aggressive in most cases. Also, genre attention is definitely crucial. The reason for this is that they might end up fighting as soon as breeding season starts. The good news is that these cichlids are usually great when keeping together with other fish that are around the same dimensions. Barbs, livebearers and tetras are 3 really good examples we can offer.

Small dwarf cichlids stand out as delicate so you should not place them in community tanks. Also, most large cichlids are really dangerous due to eating tank mates. Most of the cichlid species can reach a length of 20 cm and need large tanks. You can grow African cichlids together with different other cichlids. Always remember that proper tank cleaning is necessary together with maintenance so that aggression levels are low. Whenever we have too many species put in the same tank and they are members of the same genus a lot of problems can appear. This is because they hybridise and then selling can become difficult. Research is needed and basically what you have to do is keep a close eye on behavior changes that appear at times.

There are even some species of cichlids that can be larger. They are usually compatible if you put them in tanks with cichlids featuring equal levels of aggressiveness and size. The one problem that appears is keeping cichlids close to mating patterns. Whenever a “couple” is in a tank the entire tank becomes territory. When breeding, cichlids do not like the presence of any other fish. Even so, sometimes a large cichlid will except large pleco.

To sum up, cichlids can live with other fish but it is sometimes tough. Not much research is needed and we have to recommend that you always breed and raise cichlids in a separate tank from other fish.


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