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What Foods To Feed Baby Angelfish Fry

Updated on April 8, 2010
An Angelfish and its fry
An Angelfish and its fry

Like all young fish, baby angelfish need live foods. The best food for baby angelfish is BBS, or Baby Brine Shrimp, which can be easily cultivated at home. Some breeders do not bother with live foods and simply feed artemia based powders, which some fry will eat, but be aware that feeding powdered foods right away can result in large losses as some baby fish will starve to death rather than eat food that isn't wriggling tantalizingly.

I've previously written this guide to setting up a baby brine shrimp hatchery, so I suggest you read the tips there and set up a BBS hatchery long before your Angelfish start to spawn. It might seem like a waste of time, but believe me, this is something you will want to get right before you have hungry baby fish to feed. Getting your set up right and understanding that you'll need more than one hatchery running at a time are important lessons to learn. BBS can take 36 hours to hatch, so you'll need at least two hatcheries up tag teaming fish feeding duty.

You can also supplement the BBS diet with microworms, another small aqueous organism. I've written about microworms here, and I suggest you read that article as well as it details a range of safe life foods for baby fish.

Finally, if you absolutely can't raise live food, and don't mind losing the bulk of your spawn, you can try artemia based powders. These can be found in many fish shops, but don't confuse them with liquifry products, which are liquids designed to feed microorganisms in the tank. These are suitable only for very small fish and won't help your Angelfish at all. Artemia based powders have some success raising baby fish, at least, that is what I heard anecdotally. Some fry are more stubborn than others when it comes to changing from live food to commercial food and you will invariably lose some fry in the switch. That may or may not concern you.

So, to recap, BBS and microworms are great foods for baby angel fish until they reach a size where they can begin to take ground up fish flake. Most Angelfish babies are voracious feeders, and once they reach the size where they can eat ground up fish flake, you will find that most of them will do so quite happily. It is usually best to introduce commercial food gradually so that those fish which are too small or underdeveloped to yet take the flake won't die of starvation in the meantime.


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    • profile image

      abdul 4 years ago

      angel baby fry feeding .take small qty of egg yolk and mixed with water and then filter . the filter water is used for feeding the baby fishes don't feed more at time.

    • profile image

      Jovanni 6 years ago

      Iv been seen dat

    • profile image

      sean hawke 6 years ago

      thank !! nice info . ... so easy to breed it right..

    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 8 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      Great info! Enjoyed the read...I would like to get some angel fish now...