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What Good is Dog Leash Training?

Updated on May 18, 2013

Leash Training a Dog

There are many reasons why people should leash train their dogs. The leash is a means of controlling your dog. It connects you and your dog. Puppies don't like the restraint that the leash poses but they soon accept it with the correct training.

A leash is used for many purposes. A leash can keep your dog out of harm's way when you are walking him. It's an excellent training tool that you can use. You can tether it to your puppy and yourself and it will help in training your puppy to follow you around the house.

Leash training a dog is a challenge. When you bring your puppy home, fit a collar around his neck and let him get used to that as you keep an eye on him. Then attach the leash to the collar. Let him drag it around for a few days, getting used to this new thing. Keep an eye on him because you don't want him chewing on it.

After a few days just hold it and let him take you where he wants. At this time he's getting used to you holding it. Then you can start to lead him on the leash. If he fights just stand there. Lead him around and let him get used to following you.

Keep the leash on him and have him by you so that you can take him out and keep him out of trouble. Play with him and give him plenty of chew toys.

This is just the first step in leash training your dog.

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Leash Training Your Dog

Dog training advice

Training an adult dog is a little harder than training a puppy. Hook the leash on him and keep him with you. This will create a bond between you and him. Also you can watch him as he gets used to your household. A leash is another way to assert your control and dominance over him. You control where he walks and what he does.

You are teaching him to stay by your side as you walk through the house and your yard. You are in charge and this will relax him.

A leash is helpful when teaching your dog to heel or come when called. A leash is to keep your dog under your control. It doesn't matter what type of leash you use. It can be a leather leash or a retractable one. As long as the dog never chews on it or takes it in his mouth and pulls. The leash is your authority, so it's best that he learn to respect it.


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