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What Is A Miniature Blue Point Lion Lop Rabbit?

Updated on April 4, 2019

What is a Miniature Blue Point Lion Lop?

The straight forward simple answer is that it is a rabbit, just like any other rabbit, but lets break it down.

  • Miniature refers to the size, but these aren't 'tea cup' bunnies they are still fairly large when full grown.
  • The Blue Point refers to the colouring, which is a grey/ blue, and is darkest on and around the nose (the point) and the colour then fades the further away from the nose it gets.
  • The Lion Lop refers to the breed mixture. They are part Lion Head and part Miniature Lop Eared rabbit. From the Lion Head they get a fluffy mane, which can be either a Single Mane or a Double Main, I have a Double Main Blue Point and she is the fluffiest bunny ever, but both are cute and fluffy.

So that's it really, that is what a Blue Point Miniature Lion Lop is, but there is always more to learn about these little furry critters.

What Is The Origin Of A Minature Blue Point Lion Lop

This breed hasn't been around that long, and isn't recognised as a breed in the USA, but here in the U.K they are a registered breed. They are simply a cross of a Lion Head rabbit and a Mini Lop Eared rabbit. The scientific part is that the Lion Head gene is dominant, so the litter of baby bunnies of this mix will always have a mane. It is just pot luck as to whether it will be a single mane (be quite fluffy) or a double mane (be very fluffy).

My Miniature Blue Point Double Maned Lion Lop - Bumble

As you can see she is darkest of colour on and around her nose and is super fluffy.
As you can see she is darkest of colour on and around her nose and is super fluffy.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Miniature Blue Point Lion Lop?

This is a tricky question, as it totally depends on the temperaments of the parent rabbits and the environment and surroundings that they are brought up in.

In general terms, they are lively, loveable, affectionate rabbits.

However this also varies between males- bucks and females -doe's.

Bucks are a lot more laid back and easy going, they tend to love attention and cuddles and go with the flow, if they aren't neutered they may become territorial, and scent (wee) in order to attract a mate. This stops as soon as they have been neutered.

Doe's however can be little diva's, especially if they aren't neutered, they still enjoy cuddles and attention but it is always on their terms. They can become territorial of their space as they are the home makers. They also like to dig, and scent their living space. Once they have been neutered they calm down a lot and are much more laid back.

Bumble is definitely a digger but we rectify this by making sure she has a cardboard box she can go in and dig.

Bumble is also a little diva, if she's not happy with you she will let you know about it, but when I've been a very well behaved human she rewards me with a cuddle.

They love to play, whether it's running in between your feet, chewing up old toilet rolls, or digging up a yellow pages phone book. They need to be stimulated in order to be happy.

How Much Do Miniature Blue Point Lion Lops Cost?

Not a lot really.

Firstly you have to find a breeder. Please make sure they are a good breeder and not just in it for the money. Check it out, have a look at their living conditions, what diet they have, how much exercise and play time they get. As mentioned previously the babies pick up a lot of their temperament from their mothers, if mum bun is happy then baby bun will be too.

On average they cost around £35. But you do have to factor in feed, toys, housing, bedding and vet costs as well.

Baby Bumble at 8 weeks old.
Baby Bumble at 8 weeks old.

What Else Do You Need To Know about Miniature Blue Point Lion Lops?

  • This breed is extremely cute, extremely soft and extremely fluffy.
  • They need to be brushed at least once a week, and daily during a moult as they are not able to get rid of it themselves, if it is left unattended they will ingest the hair and it will then cause digestive issues as it gets stuck, which can be fatal.
  • This breed can have dental issues and they need to be checked , making sure they have plenty of good quality hay to munch will help to keep this at bay as it grinds their teeth down.
  • They need a lot of space to play and run, they can't be kept in a cage or hutch all day.
  • It may just be my Bumble but she prefers to drink out of a bowl, she doesn't touch water that is in a bottle, so maybe that will help if you're worried that your bunny isn't getting enough water, try a bowl.
  • They need to have their claws clipped, the vets will do this for you, or you can buy some clippers and do it yourself. You just have to make sure you don't cut into the wick as this would cause bleeding.

So that's the basics about this beautiful breed the Blue Point Miniature Lion Lop. What a mouthful for simply a fluffy bunny. I'm sure I'll be writing more about them at some point, but for now, I hope this was helpful to you.

Just Look At Those Feet
Just Look At Those Feet

© 2019 Michelle


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