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What It Is Like To Be Shark Bait

Updated on September 15, 2012

Shark Bait

This will probably be one of THE hardest hubs I ever write. I am adding extremely graphic pictures and video to get the message across. I will warn you, the video is horribly upsetting. Why am I doing this? Because I am fighting mad. I am sick of people feeling sorry for trash like this! What kicked it off was someone saying "poor fisherman". If I were the type to use profanity, this page would be filled with it all directed at that scum. So I am writing this hub, from the kitten or puppies point of view, because I want those people to feel what those poor animals feel. In the video it said a man boasted that he had taken hundreds of cats and kittens off the hands of the local shelter as they were overcrowded. Instead of going to loving homes, they were used as shark bait.


These kittens and puppies, and sometimes cats and dogs are taken, and sharp hooks are inserted into them. in their mouths or in the scruffs of their necks. Animals know when something bad is happening. They become afraid. Not only must they deal with a painful barbed hook embedded in them, but they are then thrown into the salty water. It is a toss up whether the fish gets them before they drown. meanwhile, while they frantically swim around trying to find a place to get out of the water, those "poor fishermen" are sitting up in the boat laughing and joking and most likely drinking, having a gay old time..


But we don't want those poor fishermen to languish in prison for 10 years. Who cares how much pain, and terror they force these poor innocent animals to go through. These people have no heart. I could hardly watch the video, it tore me up so bad inside. Yet for all the concern they felt they may as well have been putting a chunk of beef on the hook. They are deaf to the piteous crying of the kittens. How can ANYONE see these pictures or watch videos such as the one I added here, and not desire these people to face the toughest possible punishment available? All I can say is if you think there is nothing wrong with what they are doing then you are no better than they are. They MUST be held accountable for such acts of cruelty. And no, this is not about revenge, not entirely. This is about breaking the law and just like anyone else who breaks the law, taking the consequences of it. This is about punishment to fit the crime, so that hopefully someday there will be less of such crimes.




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  • tlmcgaa70 profile image

    tlmcgaa70 5 years ago from south dakota, usa

    Doneka, it made me sick to and it makes me sick anytime i even think about it. i had intended to write this hub from the animals point of view, but found i could not do it, when my emotions get so roiled and so tied up in something, it becomes very hard for me to articulate or express myself the way i want to. thank you for reading this, though i know how hard it must have been and to watch the video. and thank you for commenting. never forget though, that no matter how many animal abusers are out there, there are a great many of us fighting to protect them.

  • doneka royster profile image

    Doneka Royster 5 years ago

    Wow that video made me sick. i hope those guys go to jail! i never knew this was hPPENING. Thank you for opening my eyes and now i really lost faith in humanity