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Ten Lessons I Learned From My Cats

Updated on August 22, 2014

Ten Lessons I Learned From My Cats

Learn To Rest
Learn To Rest | Source

My wise Grandma has a theory that animals kept the innocence they originally had the beginning of the world. They are, she believes, a vestige of a time when we were all sinless and wide-eyed. And that is why animals are not malicious. And that's why animals are wise. My Grandma believes this, and I tend to agree with her.

I think we can learn a lot from animals, and in particular, cats. Cats seem to me, pure emotion, and they connect to us humans on an emotional level that in unequalled in the animal kingdom. I think we can learn a lot from these fur bundles of personality; here are the top ten things I think we can learn from our cats, in no particular order.


Lessons I Learn From My Cats

Always Look Your Best
Always Look Your Best | Source
Cuddle Often!
Cuddle Often!
Everything is important.
Everything is important. | Source
Enjoy Being a Mom
Enjoy Being a Mom
Learn To Rest
Learn To Rest | Source

What we can learn from our cats

  1. Always clean up after yourself. Ever see a cat use the litter box? It's quite a process. Unlike some other animals, which shall remain unnamed, the cat does not leave her business out there in the open for who know who to view. No, she buries it, she cleans up. Now if we would all clean up after our own business, the world would be a pretty good place.
  2. Always look your best. Cats spend hours every day licking their fur, making sure every hair is in place. They don't think it's a waste of time to spend a little more time on grooming than the average human! So, if the cat can do it, why can't we preen a little more, without feeling guilty?
  3. Cuddle often. I live in a household with three cats and I can tell you that they are natural born cuddlers. Now, I know not all cats seem to cuddle but if you see them as babies, they can't get enough of touching one another. They pile up on each other; they can never get enough. They love to cuddle with their human. I think we all need to cuddle more often. It just makes us feel better.
  4. Go for what you want. The domestic housecat is known as a ferocious hunter. Why? They are never afraid to go for what they want. They see their prey, and they don't give up. Ever. And shouldn't we have a bit more of the cat in us? Going after our goals with intense focus, determined to catch our target.
  5. Cheap can be good. For our feline friends, money does not necessarily equal quality, in the cat's mind. A good majority of my cats' entertainment time has come directly from large cardboard boxes, random pieces of wrappers and a big roll of toilet paper. Their favourite real "toy" is a laser pointer, costing all of $2.00 at the Dollar Store. Expensive stuff isn't always better, and we can sometimes have the most fun without spending any money at all.
  6. Everything is important. Cats are curious about everything, because they think it's all important. No noise is not worthy of their attention. And they always want to know what you are doing, no matter how mundane. And curiosity keeps us young. And interesting.
  7. Be picky. Cats are notorious for being picky eaters and will often turn their nose up at some food that they previously adored. The takeaway? Have taste. For some things, the important things, demand quality.
  8. Purr when you're happy. Purring is exclusive to cats and what a beautiful gift it is, to purr. Purring is a statement of complete contentment and happiness. It is a tribute to the one you are with: it is a communication of love. I think we all could you do a bit of purring when we're happy. Let our honey know that we are so, so happy to be with them. Smile brightly when we spend some time with our Mom. Purr to show love.
  9. Enjoy being a Mom. My Grandma told me that there is nothing in the world like a mother cat with her kittens. She was right. There really isn't. A mother cat sits proudly with her kittens, enjoying them, loving them. The time with the mother is crucial to the kitten's development because she teaches them social skills, emotional development and confidence. So, if you're a Mom, be a proud Mama! It's an important job.
  10. Learn to rest. Cats sleep an average of 18 hours a day. They certainly don't skimp on rest. And they need it, because their waking hours are filled full of chasing, running, watching and climbing. They have to recover. And let this be a lesson for us: learn to rest. Take time to recuperate and to recover from your days. I am sure all the cats will applaud you!


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