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Helping Your Pet Deal With Itchy Skin - 7 Tips

Updated on January 17, 2018
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Alison has been practicing Animal Communication for over twelve years. She has a certificate from The Gurney Institute.

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Natural Remedies For Coat Health

Natural Solutions for Skin & Coat Problems

Pets can suffer from a myriad of skin and coat issues. Things like dermatitis, mange and fleabites can cause your poor pet misery. Skin and coat problems can be hard to diagnose and even harder to treat but here are seven easy tips to help your pet feel better.

1. Here are some signs your pet is having skin and coat problems, itching, scratching, biting, dull coat, hair loss, hot spots, open sores, thickening of skin, odor on the skin.

2. Allergic Dermatitis is probably the most common skin disease that affects our pets. Pets can have both food and environmental allergies; but you may want to check your pet’s food first. Changing your pet's food is probably the best defense against itchy skin. Here are some of the most common allergens in dog food, Corn, Wheat, Soy, BHA & BHT, Preservatives, Coloring, Additives, Flavoring

3. Cook and all-natural diet for your dog. Many ingredients in pet food can tax your pets immune system and are most likely the reason your pet itches. By cooking for your dog you can control the ingredients going into your pet’s body which gives you better control over their health. Getting your pet back to nature will help balance their system and improve skin and coat.

4. Add foods that aid in skin and coat health. Ingredients like fresh fish including salmon and sardines are a great source of 3’s which helps your pet grow and maintain a healthy coat. I fed my dog a salmon based meal three times a week. Olive Oil, raw eggs and brewers yeast are also a good source of nutrients to grow and maintain a healthy skin and coat. Feeding your dog lots of fresh fruits and vegetables goes a long way to help build a strong immune system. And a strong immune system can combat allergens trying to attack the system.

5. Add supplements that help skin and coat issues. Fish oil tablets and brewers yeast help promote a healthy skin and coat.

6. If you pet has hot spots try using natural remedies such as aloe gel, or

If your pet’s skin problems are severe a trip to your veterinarian is a must. There may be an underlying problem causing your pet’s skin issues. They can prescribe medications to get your pet back on track. Be sure to talk to them about natural remedies, and a home-cooked diet. An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure.

Salmon Oil is great for dry itchy skin. Try this recipe, I'm sure your dog is going to love.

Salmon & Potatoes

10 oz Can Salmon (bones and skin ok)

12 oz White or Yukon Gold Potatoes (diced & cooked)

2 oz zucchini (cooked, or raw shredded)

2 oz yellow squash (cooked & diced)

Mix and mash all ingredients in a bowl & serve.

This amount feeds an 85lb dog. Feed what you would normally feed your dog it's regular food & store the rest. Lasts up to three days in the frig.


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